Glaciers and Gondolas

Each day in Switzerland is more amazing than the one before. I can’t even begin to say how much we are learning and experiencing.

I have taken hundreds of pictures which hopefully some are great, but I took these today with my phone to briefly share.

We took two trains and a gondola to the high alps to pick wild medicinal herbs and made a salve. Later we were to go up another gondola to the highest peak and see a glacier. Amazing.



After that we were to go down on the gondola to climb up to a dairy barn with huge Brown Swiss cows with bells coming down from the high pastures to be milked.

Natanielle had decided to climb the highest peak at the glacier area. I neglected to remind her that the very last gondola leaves, Swiss time, at 4:45, or we would have to climb down. Everyone else went down and I waited for her.

It began to thunder, rain and sleet and she was not to be seen.


She arrived at 4:16. Hmmmm.

The gondolier had mercy on me and let us ride down with the crew 20 min later and I did not even miss the cow milking. Whew. 😉


4 thoughts on “Glaciers and Gondolas

  1. Wow!! what a shot…shots!! Happy Birthday to my precious Natanielle!!! (and to you a few days ago!!!) Love you both soooo much! xoxox

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