Lunch in the Lotchental Valley

Dr. Weston Price visited the Lotchental Valley in Switzerland in the 30’s and it was where he first connected traditional diets with robust health. The valley was isolated and the people grew and provided all of their own vegetables, fruit, meat, raw milk, butter, cheese, fermented dairy and traditionally made sourdough rye bread.

He observed that the people had no dental or health problems… and by 1932 no deaths had occurred from tuberculosis in the history of the valley.

Today we visited the valley and saw all of his places. This was our view from lunch after walking down the valley. Magical.



4 thoughts on “Lunch in the Lotchental Valley

  1. Weston A. Price has it right and his studies cannot be beat by modern research. Sure, yeah, I have an emotional attachment to real whole foods that nature intended to because it makes me feel like a million bucks. Placebo? I don’t think so. Look at the natives before colonization. They were a threat because of the superior prowess and strong robust health. Ever since I started cooking with whole foods I have cleared up my skin and now I want to show the world how to cook. The way Weston A. Price would approve of if he were alive. Honoring the legend…by the way they should seriously make a movie about him. He is awesome.

  2. More photos! More stories! We’re living vicariously through you ya know!!!! Just beautiful…

    • I have hundreds of great photos in my camera and a notebook of notes. I can’t really post until I get home so I wanted a few shots with my phone for a brief taste. Xoxo

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