Glashaus at The Goetheanum

The architecture of The Goetheanum and surrounding buildings designed by Rudolf Steiner was fascinating. This website, Visual Melt, has more incredible pictures of the Glashaus and other buildings.

“Every building deprives a portion of the earth of sun, wind and rain and probably plant and animal life as well. It must redeem this sacrifice by the healing quality of its architecture.”

-Rudolf Steiner


Heating Tower (1914)

“The central heating unit for the Goetheanum and some of the surrounding buildings is situated there. Aside from the base of the first Goetheanum, this is the first concrete building built by Rudolf Steiner. It is connected to the main building by an underground tunnel and the heating pipes pass through this to all the rooms. In a lecture on the subject, Rudolf Steiner shows how the forms of this building are developed out of the forms of the first Goetheanum. At the same time one finds the language of forms present in the later concrete building already pre-empted here.” Anthromedia


“Love starts when we push aside our ego and make room for someone else.” – Rudolf Steiner


“All of nature begins to whisper its secrets to us through its sounds. Sounds that were previously incomprehensible to our soul now become the meaningful language of nature.” – Rudolf Steiner


Glass House (1914)

“The Glass House was built to house the studio where the stained glass windows of the first Goetheanum were cut. It is constructed totally of wood. The exterior walls are covered with wooden shingles, the two domes forming the roof of Norwegian slate. Of all the buildings, its character reminds one most strongly of the destroyed first Goetheanum with its two domes. Also the forms of the windows in the two rotundas correspond exactly to those of the hall of the first Goetheanum. The Glass House may be perceived as distinctly different to the heating Tower. The two domes here form the essential part of the building. In the case of the heating Tower, the domes have shrunk to atrophied remnants. But between then there rises the massive smokestack.” Anthromedia



“Knowledge of life in the astral world leads us to a conclusion of fundamental importance, namely that the physical world is the product of the astral world.” – Rudolf Steiner



“Just as in the body, eye and ear develop as organs of perception, as senses for bodily processes, so does a man develop in himself soul and spiritual organs of perception through which the soul and spiritual worlds are opened to him. For those who do not have such higher senses, these worlds are dark and silent, just as the bodily world is dark and silent for a being without eyes and ears.” – Rudolf Steiner



I was amazed by the variety of different forages in the all of the meadows.  They are all fenced off by electric fences and will either be grazed or mowed and the grass brought to the animals for feed.


4 thoughts on “Glashaus at The Goetheanum

  1. Wow! Is that copper????????.beautiful!!! Are you home??. I have not been reading this for a bit, have been really busy. I hope you both had a good time. So great to see you. Love,,,shan

    • I found some more info. The roof tiles are Norwegian slate and the sides are wood shingles. I saw more barns/homes in Switzerland with the tiny curved shingles and thought they were so lovely. Hope to see you again soon and I’m glad you are busy! xoxo

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