Peach Fire

I was looking through Wild Fermentation by Sandor Katz to find inspiration for things I bought at the farmers market. I do look forward to getting his new book The Art of Fermentation. I am trying out different kimchee recipes and techniques and his recipe on fruit kimchee sparked my interest. I love sweet and hot and was staring at a half gallon jar with about a cup of crystallized honey in the bottom of it, which I was too lazy to dig it all out by hand, so I wanted to make something fiery sweet in it.

While I was gone the guys ate a half gallon of my Liquid Fire and I bought some hot peppers at the market this weekend to make more, along with some amazing peaches.

I seriously doubt this will last long enough for it to properly ferment, as it is scary good.

Peach Fire

5 large peaches which I cut into cubes.

3 white onions diced

2 lemons with the peel cut off and then cut in small cubes. My friend Kelli gave me these which she grew herself, and I have been saving them for something special.


about 2 heaping tablespoons of Liquid Fire, or just process fine some hot peppers.

about two heaping tablespoons each of preserved fresh turmeric and ginger.

one tablespoon real salt.


process fine one head of garlic

add one heaping tablespoon garam masala.


top off jar with fresh kefir whey


The crystallized honey will take about a day to completely dissolve. Leave the lid of the jar a bit loose and leave in room temperature for three days for fermentation to begin, then store in refrigerator.


Peach Fire on Punk Domestics

6 thoughts on “Peach Fire

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    • I will definitely make this again before the peaches are gone. I had half a gallon, now it is 3/4 gone. It is great on meat, omelets, everything. I also make a wild raspberry fire, which is amazing. I always freeze peach slices for peach pie in the winter as well. Happy peaches! 🙂

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