Swiss Farm Store

Within walking distance from the hostel where we stayed in the first leg of our Swiss farm tour, was an absolutely mind-blowing farm store. Others in our group had visited this the evening before, but I had not wanted to miss out on getting raw milk from the dairy next door.

We had about 20 minutes from the bus to the store, and it was a pretty brisk, long walk, with a backpack, and a long day at The Goetheanum and bee farm, with lots of train travel to and fro. We were not about to miss out on this though, to purchase something for dinner, so we really pushed it and made it before closing. What a treat! I was so overwhelmed by the beautiful displays, the gourmet delights, all hand made with the freshest farm ingredients and skill. I had not even really noticed the “farm” part of the place, until I went back on our final night, and that blew my mind even more. I have pictures of that a few postings from now.

The amazing food and displays speak for themselves.









The fresh farm eggs were displayed in room temperature, and the colored eggs were hard boiled. They also had hard boiled eggs which were colored bright red with a white cross, resembling the Swiss flag. Such a great idea!








This was fresh, farm made apple cider, and I coveted the bottle.


DSC_0292 f

I don’t really think that the Swiss need a guarantee, as it is pretty evident the superior quality of everything Swiss.


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