Overalls and Sundresses: My Muckboots Have Flowers On Them

Ok, I love her pictures. Her pictures from Switzerland are amazing, but getting her to show me all of them is a trick. She was required to take some selfies for her profile picture for her computer coding class this year, and these are a few of them. Nothing like a mother who wants to invite you over for a slideshow of hundreds of pictures and oohs and awhhs over each one. Kill me now, but I can’t help it.

Maybe you will have better luck encouraging her to get her blog going. There are many more of dear Margie (the Silkie chicken) sitting on Evie, her horse, and Becca’s head… so of course I love those.

Here is the tag line to her blog: Overalls and Sundresses

“I love photography, wildflowers, animals, tea, food, music, movies, books, trees, rain, snow, making idiotic faces, and waving at random people.”

A bit of background to the “waving at random people” part, which she does all the time. We had just rushed to catch the train in Switzerland, going somewhere in a hurry, and she sat down and looked out the train window of a large group of pretty despondent children, with their teachers, who had Down’s Syndrome or something similar. She lighted up and started smiling and waving at them. Their downcast looks turned into smiles and frantic waves. They began to jump up and down with love and waving, and she was waving wildly as we pulled out of the train station. A happy day for all, waving at random people led to a lot of happiness.







7 thoughts on “Overalls and Sundresses: My Muckboots Have Flowers On Them

  1. I LOVE the photos with the Silkie in the side view mirrors….I don’t even know which one I like more because they are all awesome. Such a beauty….like her proud Mama. 🙂

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