Meet Salomon

Ok, I’m not positive we’re going to name him that, but considering that his due date was yesterday, Sept. 11th, I have been thinking Salomon a fitting name, especially since all the talk was that I was going to have to pull him. Lots of terrorist, terrorist, terrorist talk yesterday.

Faline was 8 months old last December 7th, and it was the night we brought our Highland bull home because it was snowing down the valley and it was doubtful we could get him out of there to go to the sale barn the next day. So yes, one night stands can definitely lead to a baby 9 months later.


So yes, I had been freaking myself out watching you tube videos of having to pull a calf from a too young heifer. I had helped the man many times in Texas a long time ago, but never by myself. Plus it takes a lot of planning, the proper equipment and expertise to pull a calf.

I have always found it fascinating that it apparently only takes a few hours set all the charges and timers… to pull a 47 story building, like the Salomon, especially tricky, since part of it was on fire.

Thankfully I did not have to pull baby Salomon, and his mommy had him just fine at 3:30 this morning.


I, however, did not have the luxury of foreknowledge of what time baby Salomon would or would not have to be pulled. Another curiosity with his namesake, that so many knew when Salomon was coming down. Hmmm.


Thankfully mama and baby are doing just fine.


The world is so full of mysteries, coincidences, the unexplained, that it is probably best to just believe what we are told, and be scared of the boogie man.

Or maybe we should rethink what we believe when we see a bumper sticker “Never Forget” and research, remember, and actually investigate.


6 thoughts on “Meet Salomon

    • She is a really great mama! I actually milked a half gallon from her this afternoon, as she was pretty full, and she had never been tied, nor milked, and she was a perfect angel. It is not really colostrum though, and I hope the little man actually got some. He does drink like a fish though. xoxo

  1. Oh thank goodness. I was worried sick last couple of days but looks like Mother Nature got her groove on and all is well. Congrats to all.

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