Wild Raspberry Fire

It is a luxury to live in an area where wild raspberries grow.  The secret of a finding a good raspberry patch is about the same as where to find king boletus, or chanterelles, “If I tell you, then I’ll have to kill you.” I have not been lucky enough to find a good patch or a stand of mushrooms, so it was a delight to find foraged raspberries at our Local Market. I wanted to preserve their intense flavor for a long time, so I made a different version of sweet and hot. Fill a jar about 2/3 full with raspberries. DSC_0330

DSC_0332 Add some honey, about 1 half a cup for this half gallon jar.  Some of our honey has crystallized, which will dissolve perfectly in this.  Add more honey to taste at the end if it needs it. DSC_0346 These peppers are full of flavor and are sweet with a punch of heat. DSC_0339 Process in food processor, including the ribs and seeds. DSC_0348 Add processed peppers to the jar with the raspberries and honey and fill with raw apple cider vinegar. DSC_0355 Let it sit in room temperature for  a day or so, for the honey and everything to meld together.  Shake or stir gently, so the raspberries don’t crush too much.  I had a bit of room at the top of the jar, so I added more raspberries.  When the level of the jar lowers, transfer to smaller jars to keep out as much air as possible.  Store in the refrigerator and will last for about 6 months.  Wonderful to roast on top of pork or poultry.  Excellent as a base for dressing or sauce. DSC_0361

Wild Raspberry Fire on Punk Domestics

4 thoughts on “Wild Raspberry Fire

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    • Haha! Hilda! 😉 We did have some of the raspberry fire last night, along with some super yummy honey fermented Jalapeños, to go along with the trout, roasted beets and swiss chard, and a salad of fresh tomatoes, onions, and celery leaves with a dressing of black raspberry balsamic vinegar. Another great way to preserve berries. You just take black berries, or raspberries and put in a jar and cover with balsamic vinegar. It lasts forever and the berries give a smashing flavor to the vinegar.

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