The Adventures of Andrew Price

It is high time that there is an educational book for children on the life and nutritional findings of Weston A. Price. Soon there will be! My friend Sandrine Love, whom I met on the Weston Price farm tour of Switzerland, is writing such a book, called The Adventures of Andrew Price.

Sandrine is a talented professional photographer and the author of the blogs Nourishing Our Children and Nourishing Ourselves both amazing resources for health and nutrition.

It was an incredible experience to have walked the Lötschental valley which began the journey of nutritional discovery for Dr. Price.

Sandrine has a very detailed article on her blog titled It All Started in Lötschental, Switzerland where she shows the original photograph taken by Dr. Price in 1931. This is an excerpt from her article and her recent photographic rendition of that iconic photo:

“Dr. Price began his travels to remote parts of the world in 1931. The first place he visited was Lötschental, a very remote valley in Swizerland…

…As a group we hiked the entire valley. For 10 years now, I have been teaching about Dr. Price’s travels to Lötschental and the surrounding areas based on what he wrote in his book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. It was extremely moving for me to literally walk in his footsteps. Dr. Price found that those on a traditional diet in this valley had less than 1% tooth decay. He also found that every single child and adult he examined had no dental deformities. Not only were all of their teeth straight, the adults had all of their wisdom teeth. All of that is hard to imagine today in modern times when we see orthodontics as prevalent as they are. Keep reading to find out their secret! Below is one of many photographs I took when we visited Lötschental…”

photo by Sandrine Love

photo by Sandrine Love

Please go to her article and read more about Dr. Price, her new book and her giveaway. I have already preordered a copy of the book and hope you will too! What a great gift this will be to all the children in our lives.

“…Help us complete The Adventures of Andrew Price by supporting our pre-sale promotion.
We are creating a book to teach our children about Dr. Price’s research. This is an opportunity to preorder the hard copy and electronic version of the book, as well as to receive Nourishing Our Children’s educational materials at a discount. Learn more about The Adventures of Andrew Price.

Share your experience in the comments and enter a giveaway:
What was your Lötschental moment? When and how did you discover the traditional dietary wisdom that Dr. Price discovered in Switzerland?

Let me know in the comments and I will randomly choose 5 people on October 1, 2014 to send a bundle of Nourishing Our Children’s downloadable educational materials to!…”

Thank you Sandrine for giving us such an important resource to teach our children, and ourselves, these timeless principles.

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