On the Way to the Swiss Horse Milk Farm

Why in the world would anyone want/need to milk horses?  Well, we were about to find out on our Swiss farm tour.  It was a long, lovely walk through the countryside, and I loved the brickwork and architecture of the farmhouses.




I especially love how the Swiss stack their firewood.


A lovely sight and sound as the sheep grazed with their bells on.



The stinging nettle was a sight to behold, as it was so full and lush.


We have so much to learn about the proper use and installation of electric fences, so the animals grazing can be easily rotated.


He told us that most of the land he grazes his horses on is owned by the Swiss Government and they actually pay him to lease and take care of it.  By his grazing rotation, he has been able to greatly improve the land.  There are rare butterflies and orchids on this land and he has been able to prove to the government that these species are thriving under his care.


We finally get to the farm, in a remote gorgeous setting, and await a true farm meal and to find out about horse milk.


4 thoughts on “On the Way to the Swiss Horse Milk Farm

  1. I became a fan of fermented horse milk (kumiss) and camel milk (shubat) in Kazakhstan where we spent three years. I cannot get anything like it here. I look forward to hearing what these Swiss farmers do with it.

    • It was so interesting, but unfortunately we did not get to taste any, as all of his horses were late in foaling, and he did not have any to spare. More later. 🙂

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