Happy Fatsos

Ok, I could have called them happy, lazy, snobbish, standoffish fatsos, which they are,


all except one.  Him.


You can consider him stand-on-ish, and exhausted. It’s hard to manage a harem.


We drove over 8 hours to Utah to get them, and on our return was when we met Javier.


They are pure Dorpers and the ram is a registered full blood.  Full blood Dorpers are those whose parentage descends from dorpers from South Africa.  Not too long ago there was a ban on the importation of Dorpers from South Africa and so they allowed some to be bred to other hair sheep, but to have a percentage of 91% to be a purebred as opposed to a full blood which is 100%.


You can see that they are very stocky and are more muscular in the legs, which is what you want for a big leg of lamb, and fat chops.


Ok, these ladies are a bit on the plump side, and they like to remain apart from the rest of the sheep herd, because they are already bred, while their man is being beset on all sides by a bunch of hussies who haven’t seen a man in over 4 months.


About 10 days ago I put them in with the rest of the herd, as we had them separated to see if they were all well.


It did not take long for them to find out that an eligible man is around.


Alas, their interest in him fades after about 12 hours, where about 3 to 5 stay as close  to him as possible at all times, and then all of a sudden the romance wears off and they just walk away.

He is pretty exhausted. C‘est la vie, mon amour.

9 thoughts on “Happy Fatsos

    • Shan, these are hair sheep, which means that they grow a thick coat of hair, which is wooly, but then it sheds off. The meat of hair sheep is a mild, delicious flavor, much different than wool sheep meat, and you don’t have the expense or work to shear them. 🙂

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