Fine Grassfed Lamb For Sale

The time is nearing to harvest our big fall lambs. I am not sure of the exact number we will have available after those already sold are processed, but I am saving many of the biggest ones till last. Sorting them is always the biggest challenge for us, as we do not have the proper pens, but hopefully next year all of that will be constructed. I will have a better idea of exactly how many extra lambs I will have on the 30th, when the first 15 will go to the USDA processing Homestead Meats in Delta.

This year we are excited to be able to offer our lamb in USDA retail packages which will be sold in Gunnison at Kathleen Curry’s The Local Market. Hers are being processed Oct. 30th, so lamb should be available, 111 North Main Street in Gunnison, the first week in November!


The Supper at Sunflower, Kalon Wall’s amazing artisan restaurant in Crested Butte, exclusively serves our lamb in the most creative ways. I am also considering joining a CSA in the Salida / Buena Vista area, headed up by my friend Jen from The Crowded Acre. If that works, then in the future I will not have many lambs available to new clients besides those who currently purchase a whole lamb. I hope you will get on the list now, to help us plan.

These are our new retail freezer labels.

These are our new retail freezer labels.

If you are in need of high quality freezer labels, and any other type of label, I highly recommend who has the best pricing and superior service.

We have one being shipped to the Boston area this year and more to Dallas, but the majority will be for local clients. Please let me know if you would like to reserve a lamb for the November 19th processing at Kinikin in Montrose. If you know anyone who might want a lamb, I would most appreciate you sharing this.


Our lamb is 100% pasture raised on grass and other forage and pure mountain river or well water in the winter, no antibiotics, hormones or any other chemicals. We have purchased the free range mineral system from ABC Plus, so the sheep are not deficient in anything. The breed is a meat breed, either pure Dorper or a mix with Kathadin hair sheep, for the most mild, tender lamb. People who say they dislike lamb have never had lamb from a meat breed or one raised naturally. As we have learned from the Javier experience, commercial sheep are indeed pumped full of medicine and finished in a feedlot.


Our pricing has not changed in the last three years, even though the meat market across the board this year is very high.


A whole or half lamb is $5.99 a pound, plus the processing fee ($80) to be professionally cut and wrapped into lamb chops, leg of lamb, shanks, ribs, ground lamb, shoulders, all of the organs… We will charge a $10 handling and delivery fee this year, per lamb. Most of the lambs will rail weigh between 45 and 65 pounds (which is the weight you pay per pound.) The finished lamb can be picked up at Kinikin in Montrose, or delivery can be arranged.


I will have some large lambs ready in the spring as well, but many of those are already reserved. If you would like to reserve a spring lamb, please let me know.


I am working on gathering many lamb recipes and special ways we cook our lamb, for those who have never cooked lamb. You are in for a real treat if you have never eaten grassfed lamb!




If you are interested in a lamb contact me as soon as you can, and I will put you next on the list. Let me know if you prefer a whole or half, and on the larger or smaller size.

Here is more information on our current Craigslist ad.

4 thoughts on “Fine Grassfed Lamb For Sale

  1. Mouth watering!!!!! I am buying some this year!!! I think I missed it last year. Pictures are fantastic and, yes, I love the labels as well!!! So proud of you Jamie!! 🙂 xoxoxo

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