Swiss Vending Machine

Traveling by train back to our hostel caused quite a stir around the vending machine. Yes, there was the typical crap candy, but definitely a step up in the snack department from US vending machines.

There also was a “life style” row, which had some different offerings.

Cigarettes, lighters, red bull, condoms, pregnancy test, and some other strange stuff.


and cannabis tea. Natanielle noticed on the ingredients list it only had cannabis “flavoring.” haha.


From a few of the American delegation there was some head waggling, shock, tsk-tsk-tsks, but the Norwegian delegation had a great sense of humor. (Martin and Anne were so much fun on the trip, and kept us all laughing. Martin is definitely the smartest person we have ever met.)


Joe found a four leaf clover


I loved this kitchen window, with the extra window cabinets for space, and hanging the pots outside!


And a few views of the Swiss countryside from the train. A wonderful day.




4 thoughts on “Swiss Vending Machine

  1. Maybe those overhanging clear compartments outside someone’s windows were for cold storage at the right time of year? In any event,
    I am in awe of the use of space by the frugal Swiss!

    • Oh, you certainly could be right about the cold storage, what a good idea. I noticed that they are made of screens, so when they have their window open in nice weather, it lets the air in and flies out. Amazing culture for sure.

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