Ginger Asian Pear Infused Vodka

Ok, selfish me, it is kinda hard sharing good wine with that beer guzzler, who only covets it when he is out of beer. I am pretty sure this will not be wasted on him, unless he likes it. I am eagerly awaiting my first ever shipment of Meyer lemons, from the Lemon Ladies. I strongly urge you to place your order if you are on the fence, as they will sell out soon. Some friends and I ordered together for a quantity price break.

In anticipation, I have been looking through recipes for all things lemon, and dreaming some of my own up. Limoncello is on the long, lemony list, and I am not satisfied with all the techniques out there, so I will also make this one up as I go along.

I did not want to drink or serve the rotgut that is the suggested base alcohol, so I bought 80 proof organic vodka instead.

The Thanksgiving turkey is brining in salt, spices and sour kombucha, the pumpkin pie is at the ready, and all sorts of other experiments are in process, but that vodka on the counter was calling me last night.

I had four, shrivelingly sweet, asian pears abandoned in the case, as the other loners rode with Henny Penny on the trailer to the processor. Our dear processor knows what a softie I am and will let me lead our pigs up the ramp with pears or apples, and she met her Maker unawares, munching happily on sweet fruit. I’m pretty sure he does not like to see me cry.

Anyway, I decided to dehydrate the last pears to infuse some vodka.


I sliced them as thin as I could and dehydrated them for about 6 hours, until they were still pliable.


This morning they all fit in a quart jar.


Peel and slice some fresh ginger.


Fill to the top with organic vodka.


Let steep for a month or two, or longer, or shorter. ha!


The Meyer lemons have been tracked and they arrived in Denver at 4 this morning, so alas, they will have to spend Thanksgiving day at some postal place. It makes me laugh, thinking of Agent K and all the aliens working at the post office, so I hope aliens don’t like lemons. (Yes, we are dopes and like the movies, Men in Black. Well Noni and I do, the man rejects anything otherworldly. ha!)

Hopefully he’ll make it here for Thanksgiving.

Ginger Asian Pear Infused Vodka on Punk Domestics

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