What a Case of Meyer Lemons Looks Like

I have to admit, when I saw the case of lemons I ordered from the Lemon Ladies, I thought it a bit puny. I’m used to ordering cases of fruit to use in flower arrangements, and those cases are big. This was 10 pounds, but as I started using them, I thought, whew, this is a LOT of lemons, and each one was so perfect, so special and so delectable.


Here is how great it is to live here. One of my friends who shipped lemons with me, her husband runs the post office. There is no town here, but down a long dirt road, now snow covered, at the back of an old ranch, is the post office. He was on the alert for a delayed shipment of fragile lemons due to the Thanksgiving holiday. I get a call on Friday after Thanksgiving.

“Hey. I just made a big pot of lemon-aid. You wanna come have some, or do you want me to bring the rest of the lemons to you on my way home?” ๐Ÿ˜‰

I could not wait to get my hands on them, as I have never had the luxury of meyer lemons before.

Tonight, I have all, but three, in some jar in a stage of fermenting or preparation for the next step. I’m saving the three for some special tarts in a week.

Needless to say, the vodka is going to have to wait, as I did not want to waste these beauties for lemon cello.

I did use a few these last few days, one I pureed (skin and all) in the food processor with two baked yams, some ginger, salt, eggs and milk. Bake in ramekins and put butter on top. Ambrosia.

I also cut one up in small bits, of course including the lemon peel, and mixed it in some leftovers for a turkey salad, yum! (best turkey ever this year, as I brined it in sour kombucha and lots of other stuff.)


So, one 10 pound case of lemons made over a half gallon of the best lemon garlic, fermented mustard. We have already eaten half a small jar, and the man is a big fan.


A half gallon of fermenting lemons and garlic…


A half gallon of lemons and raw, unfiltered honey. This will preserve them and I will make lemon curd, marmalade… and use them for sweeter things.


One quart of the smaller lemons, with cloves, preserved in olive oil, for mayonnaise, aoli, hummus, pesto and dressings…


One sour puss who is typing out a list of her favorite words on her typewriter named Cyril.

“MOM, go away!!”


and three quarts, in the initial fermentation stages, of my versions of preserved lemons which are going to be more like an Indian lemon pickle.


Recipes of everything to follow, someday.


14 thoughts on “What a Case of Meyer Lemons Looks Like

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  2. It all looks lovely! Petty please the recipe for lemons with garlic. I just fermented some garlic cloves, it has been 40 days now and I just moved them into the fridge in smaller jars, adding spices, apple cider vinegar and safflower oil. I hope they will be ready to eat soon. I fell in love with some pickled garlic I purchased at a Farmers market in Southern California and am trying to make it myself.

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  4. “I would love to hear your thoughts”? Dang! I think you are brilliant!! :):) Lemon in my water is about as far as I would get!! Beautiful color and the flowers are lovely! ๐Ÿ™‚ I want to ask about the lemon and sweet potato creation… was that sweet? How was the taste? Thanks Jamie! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Of course looking into this deeper, I have found lots of articles… on the eating of citrus rinds to help with cancer and lots of other things. But as you know, I only play a doctor on the internet. Anyway, make SURE you only buy organic citrus, as you know the crap they spray on stuff. (I am now making something with mandarines and the rinds with the lemons and grapefruit… with the rinds. I guess I need a punch in the mouth today.) I have made many versions of the squash (https://grassfood.me/2012/11/24/seriously-good-squash/) but this most recent one was killer. I found some white Japanese sweet yams, and the skin is deep red, and the flesh is white. Go find them, I am sure Whole Foods has them. The flavor is incredible, but I would not exactly say sweet. You could add honey if you wanted it sweeter, but it is not “pucker up” sour either. xoxo

    • Ha, no, pretty much just bored. My sister says only boring people are bored. I’ll burn myself out on all this pretty soon and go off on some other tangent. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Honey the photographs as usual are breathtakingly beautiful. Please can I be invited for the lemon merengue pie?? Remember Mattie’s pie on sunday?? Grand dad’s favorite!!!

    Blessings and so much love. Mel.

    • I vaguely remember it, but do remember it was incredible! I have never made a lemon merengue anything, and had wanted to with this shipment of lemons, but the garlic side of me won! I also don’t want to waste the rind by juicing them, so I am going to try and experiment with the honey lemons and puree them to make a lemon curd. I’ll try and send you something in the mail. But, please come! xoxo

  6. Gorgeous photos, especially with the yellow roses, just stunning! I love the preserving in honey idea, I may have to do this with blood oranges when they come into season soon. So inspiring, as always!

    • I had never either! I can’t believe the depth of flavor, texture, and overall citrusy richness of eating the whole lemon and not wasting the rind. I find that in winter, I NEED the color yellow, and this fits the bill in all ways. I hope you find some meyer lemons, as I am not sure the lemon ladies ship across the pond. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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