Swiss Antique Farm Tool Museum – part 1

I adored this museum.  It was a four story museum with the most glorious and intricate antique farm tools, with an amazing dairy collection.




We were shown an old documentary on hog killing and processing (which of course I loved)


and also how they make a fruit type bread/pastry called Bauernbirnbrot. It is a rich mixture of fruits and nuts… and is covered with a thin pastry and baked.





I will definitely attempt to create this, as I had bought a miniature one by chance upon arrival at the airport, with some raw brie-like sheep cheese, thinking it was a rye bread.  Ok I’ll show those pictures now, but it is probably going to make me cry, thinking about it all. I’m hoping some of you Swissys have made this and will share with me. I have a vintage Swiss cookbook which does have it though.




Ok, Swiss wine, for just a few more tears, as they definitely do not export their fine local wines.


When I’m old, I hope to move to Switzerland and drink raw milk without having to milk for our own.

Hint, hint little girl, I hope you marry a Swiss farmer and take us with you.

2 thoughts on “Swiss Antique Farm Tool Museum – part 1

  1. Oh I would have loved the hog killing documentary. And the fruit/nut pastry. AND of course the wines. But most of all I would have loved to see the little girl’s expression upon reading your “hint, hint” for the first time. ❤ Hope you are all doing wonderfully this holiday season.

    • Haha! I can only imagine what a nightmare I will be. Kill me now. I do think I can rest assured that she won’t fall in love with someone who thinks velveeta is cheese however. 😉 xoxo

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