Happy New Year!

Looking back over the year with gratefulness and love.

Looking forward to the New Year with more of the same, and perhaps you will join me with some resolutions.

(photos by Natanielle Huizenga)

“Let’s face it. Sometimes life is scary, especially when I feel so alone and out of place.”

“I think when I get scared, I’ll put a flower in my hair. If I see someone scared, I’ll put a flower in their hair.”


“I think that this year I am going to try and do lots of scary things, just to see if I can. Won’t you join me?”


“Of course, I am also going to try and practice patience and understanding. It sometimes is hard to remember that our paths cross and recross in this life and we need to let ourselves and others try our own wings, and have the freedom to change and to forgive.”


“But in the end, it all comes back to love, gratefulness and beauty.”

Life is a beautiful gift, and I am grateful for experiencing it all with you.


Happy New Year and much love to you and yours.

16 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. I stumbled across your blog looking for recipes, but got sucked in by the beautiful pictures and the stories that go with them. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to more!

  2. Hi Jamie. That is wonderful writing and hysterical photos. Thank you for keeping us entertained and informed. I hope you guys have a great new year and many more…. Hope to see you soon.

    Love ya.


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    Account Executive

    TDG Creative

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    “A Women Owned Business”

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