Rajasthanu Salt and Spice Bread

Ok, Meike, this is for you. 🙂 I am not home right now and cannot remember the name of the cookbook I have that I adapted this recipe from, but will add that in the post later. These flatbreads freeze well, and while I made over 50 of these one day for a wonderful Indian Food Tribe Potluck, I wanted to run away, they are really very easy to make in a snap on a smaller scale.

Take 2 parts flour to one part water. 2 cups flour 1 cup water (this proportion makes 8 flatbreads) make a well in the flour and add water, mix, and knead until very smooth.



rinse out the bowl (so it is wet) and place ball of dough in wet bowl and cover with tight lid or plastic wrap. Let stand 30 min to 1 hour.


The dough will be moist and will have doubled in size.


Form into a log, so you can cut it into 8 equal pieces.



Gather all of your ingredients to have ready to assemble. Melted butter, salt, chopped fresh cilantro or other fresh herbs, spices (I used Garam Masala, but you can use cumin or any spices you like.)


Cover your dough pieces with a damp towel if you think they will dry out before you roll them out.


Roll out a piece of dough as thin as you can, and into a long oval shape, and brush on melted butter.


Sprinkle with salt.


Then with your spices.


Sprinkle on your fresh cilantro or other herbs.


Roll up in a long jelly roll shape.


Then roll again, with the seam in, tucking the final seam under, and press lightly.


Continue until all of one batch is ready at this stage, then get your cast iron pans hot on the stove.


Carefully roll one flatbread out to about 6 or 7 inches across.


Cook for about 2 minutes per side.



Turn when they look done on one side. It helps to have a flipper, so you can keep rolling out the doughs.


Let cool on racks.


5 thoughts on “Rajasthanu Salt and Spice Bread

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  2. yippee!! I love these so much and thank you, thank you, thank you for posting! My poor children will involuntarily suffer my Indian fix this week, but these flatbreads – oh my, these are the best – especially with eggs and raita and kraut at breakfast! As always, you inspire… xoxo m

    • I have not made these since your feast, and made them today for lunch. Man, they really are good. I love your menu planning so much and look forward to concentrating on how to do it. Xoxo

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