Look! Guernseys!

I am not sure I really believe in coincidences. More like a big tapestry we are all in, weaving in and out, and I think that we all fit in with the colors and textures that Love brings together. WooWoo? Yes. Fun? Definitely yes.

Ok, I guess a little back story for this one. Our groovy, coolest-cat friends the Ivy’s, invited Nonny and I to a Xavier Rudd concert last year, who we, being uncool, had never heard of him.

I really did not care about being uncool, as I really loved his music and message, and little girl said that there is no way that there could ever be a better concert, ever, and it took quite a while for her to take off the t-shirt he signed for her afterwards.

So she continued to find out more about Xavier, and found Nahko Bear and his Medicine for the People. I love his music and his message. Begging us last month to get tickets for his concert in Aspen, we asked our neighbor to take care of our animals and we actually got away for the night.

On our way there, I yell out, “Look!!! Guernseys!!!” as we see a gorgeous herd of Guernsey milk cows in a pasture. I had never seen Guernseys in real life.



Luit immediately turns around, which I probably would never have done on my own, and we pull into a community farm called Sustainable Settings: Whole Systems Learning Center. Amazing place.



We chatted with the director of all things Guernseys and he graciously gave us a tour, and a delectable drink of golden raw milk. Ooooo, it has been a long time since we have had real milk.

So, we continue on our way to Aspen, and see a dome greenhouse, and say to ourselves that we must stop there on the way home tomorrow.

Waiting for the doors to open was an experience in itself. “I’m an astral projection in a physical body…” and other such conversations. 🙂 Very sweet people.


Inside I am waiting to get Nahko’s cd’s and a poster for Non, and a beautiful girl comes up to me and says, “Weren’t you looking at Guernsey’s today?” Ha! We have a great time chatting and she is the garden director at Sustainable Settings and we were both amazed to meet each other at the tiny Nahko concert.

Non is in the mosh pit all evening, having a great time. The crowd was very peaceful, and of course there was no body slamming or any such things, but a lot of group hugs, and definitely second hand “smoke”, which she wisely stayed away from.




Nahko et al were incredible, and lots of love abounds.

photo 2

We wait afterwards for a very long time to thank him and get him to sign her poster, but he never comes out. One of his band crew was carrying a box of their food to the van and we ask him about Nahko, and he says he is talking to his promoter and can’t come out, but he will go in and get him to sign it for her. We watch over the box of food and smile as we see all organic things. 🙂

The next day we stop at the dome greenhouse we saw from the road the day before, as the man had said we could get a greenhouse, and we think that this is the same kind we have been researching.


It was also a community garden, farm type place called Aspen Glow.


Snow outside, and tomatoes growing inside. Amazing.


A sweet woman gave us the tour and as we walked out a man was there and said, “Hey, didn’t I see you at the Nahko concert last night?”

Ha! Coincidences? I don’t think so. He was with the dear girl last night from the Guernsey farm. They had never heard of Nahko, and his daughter had called him and said that they both had to go to that concert. 🙂

Now for true confessions. I bought a registered A2/A2 Guernsey cow last month from south Colorado and we go pick her up this weekend.

It has been such a long time since I have milked, I hope I still know how.

2 thoughts on “Look! Guernseys!

  1. What?!? I have to hear this news through the internet?! You crazy cow lady!
    We usually stop in at SS too when we visit Mike’s family over there – an oasis in that sea of craziness and Brook & Rose are two amazing people!

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