I asked her how many llamas they had, and she said over 60, down from the 100 since they started giving them away.

“I’ve got every kind of critter, but not near as many as my husband has tools, equipment, tractors…” I found that hard to believe, until we actually saw the place yesterday.

She did have every kind of animal, and LOTS of them, but I think he won.


She had many different pens, with llamas, goats, sheep, cows… but most of the 60 were out to pasture and only had about 20 penned to choose from.


They made the most amazing humming sound I had ever heard, and several sailed right over that fence.


The babies were darling, but were all male.


All of her males were intact, which we definitely did not want guarding our sheep, so we wanted two females. We chose these two, and yes, they probably are pregnant, and would give birth next spring, as their babies this year were already older. Yikes!


Getting them on the trailer was a trick, with only one case of spitting, but they seemed very calm when we got them home.



Evie (the horse) went absolutely crazy, snorting and causing a fuss, and so did the bull. He probably hoped they were new girlfriends.



One of our Dorper Kathadin crosses.



Hopefully they will be good protectors and friends to the sheep.


4 thoughts on “Llamas

  1. Such beautiful pictures. Llamas!! They are originally from the Andes of Peru and Bolivia. I was born in the Andes of Peru, so, I grew up knowing llamas and other andean animals. Thank you for the pictures they are just so beautiful!

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