Fence Jumper

This afternoon I only see the one black llama, and after many searches we still could not find the white one. After picking up Non from school, I see it up on the hill.


I go get the sheep from the meadow and try and get them up on the hill so the llama can join them and not be afraid. The sheep all take off into the other direction, and the black llama is by herself looking for her friend.


So up I go, camera in hand, and it is windy and in the upper 20’s.


I know I have to get above her to try and push her down.



After a very long standoff, she does decide to slowly start down.


with backward glances and a smirk on her face


She traversed the hill several times, in the wrong direction, and we went further and upward again.


Then at times she would head straight at me, and I was not sure what she would do, but I managed to continue to head her off before she went higher.


Then the man arrives with the truck and has hay on the back. She watches him put some hay down, way below, and is not interested.


She was heading down again, until she sees the man.


He of course tells me to “pull in closer!”, “no, go back!”, “head her off!”, “go more uphill!”, “go downhill!” It was windy, and I was not listening to his instructions, as I had been the one herding a llama for the last couple of hours, and realized that they do not respond to pressure. If you crowd them, it seems that they do not move away from pressure, but move straight toward you and then veer off.

We had to give up.


Hopefully she will come home tonight, and jump the fence back in to her friend.

8 thoughts on “Fence Jumper

  1. Come back little Llama!! Hope all is well… what a story! and I must say…I laughed out loud at “the man”!! 🙂 Let us know when you can…love you! nh

    • Haha! He was talking to Doan this morning and I heard him tell the story and say that he was “fired from llama herding.” 😉 I think we both are cured, and if they decide to brave the wilds, then the choice is theirs. They are happy in the meadow today. xoxo

  2. Our animals all know where food is and they are good at coming back. Hopefully your Llama got hungry and came home!? Reverse psychology works sometimes too – if you turn a cold shoulder like you don’t care and start to walk away. Often times animals will stop running and all of a sudden they realize, “Ahk! If my owner leaves me, I’m all alone!” and they run home. LOL

    • I think she would have gotten thirsty pretty soon, as there is no water up there. We have not had her long enough for her to realize how much we spoil. 🙂

  3. Thank you again for such beautiful pictures!! Hope the llama is back! Llama wanted to be alone and I dont blame her him, it is so quite and beautiful where you live, beautiful place for solitude. I am sure it is hard work and I appreciate that. Have a good day and thank you again.

    • 🙂 She might have wanted to be alone, until she heard the pack of coyotes. We kept the dogs in last night, in case she came home. Sure enough, at 6 this morning, she was grazing in the meadow with her friend. 🙂

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