Meet Lady 2 and Francie

Our dear Lady, finally had her twins. They are almost two days old and little Francie had a rough start. The other sheep have been moved to the summer place for grazing, but a handful we left here, Lady being one of them since she had not lambed yet.

Life is so good, and all good things will enter into a state of change. We were hoping for at least one female lamb to keep, as this will most likely be dear Lady’s last season. She gave us two, one who is Lady two, who looks like her mom, and the darling tan one is named for our two friends named Francie.


Little Francie has had a rough day and a half, as she could not get the hang of nursing. We have had to hold, or tie Lady, and then make little Francie latch on, but she had trouble aggressively nursing. I milked Lady and gave the colostrum to little Francie with a syringe.

Finally I had success this afternoon, and she got the hang of it, and they were let out of the barn into the sunshine and green grass.







But children’s bedtime must come, and they had to be carried in from the meadow, with a fretting mom close at hand.







and the most beautiful girl in the world, Eleanor.


7 thoughts on “Meet Lady 2 and Francie

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  3. Jamie, you are amazing!!! BTW, just 4 weeks ago I lost Ms. Biglesworth, one of my 7 chickens. I thought she wanted to nest or something… but here she had been sick for about a week and I helped her too late. She died in my arms, trying to help her. Last week another chicken seemed not right, so this time I watched her very closely, separated and tended to her. She was bad – I did not know if I could save her… but then with lots of my patience and own home made medicine… after 4 days, she showed signs of recovery. I’m so happy, she is well again! Now we’re just waiting for the full recovery, meaning that she’ll gift us with her eggs again! 🙂

    • Oh Judith, what a soft heart you have. I also remember when my first chicken died in my arms and I cried like a baby. Natanielle always makes fun of me. Good luck with your remedies. 🙂

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