Driving in Pigsty-le

Yesterday my neighbor drove a couple of hours to pick up 9 piglets to sell and raise for her family. My friend of meadow milking fame was taking three of them.

“Now, I don’t have a crate, so I just made this nice soft hay bed for them in the back of my car. I don’t think my husband will be too mad, and probably won’t find out.” hmmmm.










“Now, let’s just peek in the back window and see how safe and snuggly they are…”

“Oh my God, what a SMELL, already!!”

Nope, I don’t think her husband will find out. 😉


Now to unload the other 6 piglets.


4 thoughts on “Driving in Pigsty-le

  1. you ladies are “real women”!! you can load up some pigs in a mini van and butcher them too!! :):) Love it! 🙂

  2. Yay for women working together to get good food on the table!
    However, in defense of my jerryrigged transport method I have to say it worked great, much less of a hassle than hitching up the truck/trailer and certainly easier on the piggies. I did have a dog crate but it was too tall for the car.The oil cloth tarp worked well along with the straw, and the only thing I did not anticipate was the poop smeared on the actual hatch door itself… smells like home now, I guess. Thanks again for all of the books, the kids love them!

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