¿Cómo se Llama?

“Make sure you bring your camera when you come back. The poppies are blooming.”



Then he says, “Grab your camera, now!”

and he grabs some chairs for a front row seat to a most surprising show.


For some reason in the morning, he had locked them in the meadow where the sheep are locked in at night. He noticed that Llama de Fuego (Flame of Fire) was laying flat on her side for about 15 minutes and was going to check on her when we drove up. She got up, and what a surprise!


LLamas have a gestation of 12 months, and so we had no idea as to when she might have a baby.

They do not lick their baby off, as llamas tongues are completely connected in their mouths, but both make a humming/buzzing noise to each other.



We were so thankful that the weather was perfect, as was the timing.

Fuego was not too happy when others tried to check out her baby.




Then we were not sure what was happening, but Dalai (Dalai Llama) got into a fight with Fuego and seemed like she was trying to steal her baby. It all worked out.




So now it is time to introduce the new baby, Cómo se (Cómo se Llama.) We think it is a girl, but are not sure. I certainly hope so, as it would be most difficult to catch that thing and get it castrated.


5 thoughts on “¿Cómo se Llama?

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    • I like that name Hilda! 🙂 Anyway I am not sure we will be calling the baby Como se, as we might have to name it Carl, as we think it could be a boy. (unconfirmed) ugh.

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