Sourdough Pizza and Things To Make Again

Ok, Goosey, your lovely sourdough starter is a winner, but the sourdough loaf I made in the covered cast iron pot was less than stellar, and the bratwurst buns were, well, “Good Grief!” and that was no compliment. I need a refresher course. 😉

BUT, I did save some of the dough, after the second rise, in a ziplock bag in the refrigerator, to make quick pizzas later. One of my favorite cookbooks says that a pizza dough is better after a few days: “As a tipsy cook once told me, “Good pizza dough’s like them women that got a little age on them, they stays put.” ” but I must admit, as I get older I’m not so sure.

A good cow in milk (or soon to calf) is what will insure that.

Anyway, I pulled the dough out for the guys lunch today, in a hurry, and they were very good.

this picture is for you, Nonny, and I can't wait to make you one of these.  xoxo

this picture is for you, Nonny, and I can’t wait to make you one of these. xoxo

It is this time of year when the farmers market is getting into full swing, and I begin to put special things up for the year, that I need a reminder of past things I definitely will make again, to always have on hand. Many of those things I used today.

To make these little pizzas, I divided the dough in small sections, and rolled them out as round as I could without being fussy about it, and as thin as possible. Preheated my oven to 450 degrees with my large cast iron inside, rubbed with coconut oil. I floured my wooden pizza peel and slid on a thin pizza dough.

I rubbed the dough with meyer lemon olive oil (a definite must to make again this winter) which gave the pizzas a lovely lemon taste and fragrance.

Then a bit of tomato paste, which has been a favorite for so many things this year.

Then some leftover AGH breakfast sausage, sliced thin red onions, and lots and lots of fresh, whole basil leaves. Feta cheese goes on, but I will not link to that, as my earlier instructions as how I used to make it make me laugh, and cringe. I’m getting better with cheese making as time goes on, but certainly have a long way to go.

The stars were the lacto-fermented sun-dried tomatoes (dehydrator dried) which are 8 months old in my refrigerator, and are still so incredible. I sliced the fermented garlic and added the fermented whole peppercorns as well. I will make this again and again, as I had wondered if they would hold up. Sometimes fermented things get too mushy or bubbly, but these are so good and versatile. The dried tomatoes in oil which are also on that tomato post are something to be savored and made again and again.

add a little real salt over the whole thing, take out the piping hot cast iron pan from the oven, slide the pizza in the pan and return to oven, setting the timer for 7 minutes.

Make another while one is cooking and you can keep men eating for a while. Arugula salad, aoli balsamic dressing and nectarines for dessert. Good Grief! 😉

3 thoughts on “Sourdough Pizza and Things To Make Again

  1. Hmm…. I got your text and am as perplexed as you… not sure why you did not get any rise!! Try again and let me know, maybe your kitchen was too cold out there in the polar belt?? As always though, your kitchen inspires! xoxo

    • Ha! Even in the Polar Belt, there is always a lot of “Hot Air” around here. 😉 But yes, this house is cold and we like the windows open. Maybe that is the problem. I have another batch going and I’ll let you know. xoxo

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