Empty American Pottery

I have always wanted to use these, en masse, but never did in Dallas, as I was afraid I would not get them back from a party or wedding. Now they are here, and I’m going to use them for our local bbq/dance this Friday for 25 tables.



Vintage American pottery, like McCoy, USA, Cockson, Marietta Modern, Coronette, UPCO, Brush, Imperial… has always been my very favorite, funky pieces, and I have collected them for thirty years. Finding them in junque shops over the years was so fun, and my price limit was $5 to $10 max. I have not bought any in about 15 years or so (as I am done of course) but the prices are unattainable now anyway.



They also make wonderful food serving dishes.




Now to go gather some branches, leaves, berries, sage, pinecones, antlers, wild roses…

We were driving through Javier’s country this past weekend, and the sheep are back. We waited for a long time to find the shepherd, to see if Javier has not gone back to Peru, but couldn’t wait any longer. I’ll drive up there soon and see if I can find him, and gather some wild lupine.




I do hope that these containers will be used again, someday, for a little girl’s wedding (in 10 or 15 years?) 😉

Come to think of it, it is pretty dangerous to use these for this crowd. I do know I will not be staying late, as these cowboys bring out the whisky, guns, lassos… and while it is entertaining, waiting to see if someone catches on fire around the campfire… my man will be in Dallas, so I won’t have to worry about him either. Self preservation, and country music’s not really my thing.

5 thoughts on “Empty American Pottery

  1. Love the containers, and do hope they aren’t damaged at the big bash! Beautiful pictures of the sheep, etc.

    • Thanks Callie. I hope they survive as well. Now I think Luit is going to stay and hay, as we have the next few days without rain and so he wants to take advantage of the weather. xoxo

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