Not Quitting My Day Job

The party was lots of fun, good food, good friends, good music. Nobody caught on fire.

The man delayed his trip, because we thought that there was a clear sunny stretch of weather for the next few days, so he began cutting our best hay on Thursday. It rained on Friday, so we will try and save the down hay by tedding it twice today and hopefully it will be dry enough to bale tomorrow. Oh, I hate it when mowed hay gets rained on, but we are still grateful for rain.


I had a lot of fun gathering wildflowers, mushrooms, rocks… and making the arrangements.

Towards the 25th arrangement I reminded myself how grateful I am to be a retired designer, and I’m not going to quit my current day job (which is working for my animals, who in turn give us the finest food we could ever ask for.)

Here are the pictures for those who asked.























good grief.


but I did have a good helper, to keep the fat pigs from trying to get on the table because they smelled the apricots I put in a few of the arrangements.


I was supposed to make two pies as well, which I had made the crusts for, but ran out of time. I’ll make one for the man today.

Two salads to make, and thankfully I had pear sauce canned last winter, so that did not take long.




15 thoughts on “Not Quitting My Day Job

  1. Late on seeing this!!! Makes me so nostalgic…the containers and the lovely
    designs, of course, totally enchanting!!! Perfect!! Happy Birthday … missed again!! and for Nonnie!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you!

  2. Absolutely beautiful!! You certainly have a God-given talent, and have developed and used it! Don’t know how you got all of that done!!!!!

  3. Jamie —
    It is always such a joy for me to see your photographs and to read your description of your life. You do so much, so well. I know that your dad is very proud of you. Me too! I would very much enjoy being a Labrador retriever living in your barn and following close behind you while you create something new every day.


    • Oh Jamey, you are the dearest, that means so much to me. Anyway, if you are referring to that lazy dog (Helena, is half Akbash and half Great Pyrenees) she and her lazy brother Ajax are supposed to be guarding the sheep. They do work all night, barking at coyotes though. But, they do not live in the barn, as they know how to open the doors to the house and they let themselves in and take up the whole floor, with all their mud as well. ugh. 😉 At least they keep the pigs out of the house when they leave the door open, haha!

    • No Francie, I was not going to get rid of those containers, ha! I hope a lot of people go into your gallery, as we sure talked you guys up! 🙂 I was down there this morning helping to tear down, and my man begged for food, as a couple were green around the gills, so I’m making them brunch now. 😉

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