Now’s the Thyme

The air is getting crisp and we have already had many mornings with frost, but no killing frost yet. Now is the time to begin preserving the herbs from the garden, and my very favorite way is using apple cider vinegar.

The lemon thyme is blooming and I cut it back pretty hard. You can do this with any herbs you grow in pots, or just buy at the farmer’s market or store. It is so lovely to have the flavors of summer to use all winter.


Wash if necessary and spin off all the water in a salad spinner. Pack into mason jars tightly.


Fill up with apple cider vinegar.


Make sure the vinegar you buy is raw, unfiltered and with the mother (like Braggs…)


The jars do not need to be stored in the refrigerator, but I always do after I have opened one. Try and keep the herbs under the surface of the vinegar, and make sure that your lid does not have any scratches on it to rust.


I use these herb vinegars all the time, for aoli, dressings, hummus, pesto, marinades… and I don’t bother to take the stems off, as the food processor will mince them nicely.

The best herbs for this method are sage, rosemary, thyme, oregano, summer/winter savory, marjoram, and I am sure others (but not basil.) They will last over a year.

Lemon thyme and peaches, yum.


Well, he did clean out the chicken coop, and went across the river this morning to get Faline to milk her, as she followed bad Sir Loin over there. I’m lucky my milkman is home.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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