I met Elias last night, going through Javier’s country.

I waited until the sheep had passed over to the other side of the road.



We kept getting calls from police dispatch that our sheep were on the road near the lake. I knew they were not ours, but went to check them out, and there were 8 yearling lambs, the same breed as Javier’s sheep. I did not know the big bosses name, so I took a chance that the sheep might be back in the high country. Sure enough they were just coming home.


I assumed Javier had gone back to Peru this spring like he said, and I waited to talk to this sheepherder.


His name is Elias and he is friends with Javier in Peru. He came when Javier went home. Elias will be in the high country for a month with the sheep, and they will move them two hours away.


His english is as bad as my spanish, but I thought it was sweet that he knew who I was. Javier had shown him pictures and told him all about us.

I invited him for dinner this Sunday, and will go pick him up at 8 when his sheep are laying down for the night. He has some amazing dogs.


and yes, he is a real tough guy.


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