2500 Sheep

I went to pick up Elias to bring him home for his birthday dinner.

The high peaks are already snow capped, as of last night, and I worried it was raining on him. He was probably wondering if we remembered his birthday.


I waited only a few minutes and I see him coming on his horse.


Today he gathered and penned all 2500 of his sheep, all by himself, with the help of course of his horse and dogs.


He said that he then traveled far and wide, and found two more sheep, far away, and brought them in.


Tomorrow the big boss will come and they will separate all of them, sending 900 lambs to a feedlot in Denver to fatten them up on grain… after they give all of them shots, and shots, and shots. Lots of them were coughing. This group of 2500 is about 1/5 of what the big boss runs by these few Peruvian sheep herders.


It is hard to really comprehend, what all goes into large scale production of food.


He fed his dear horse and dogs. The dear little black and white puppy, Toby, did not come back with him tonight. He said that it has happened before, and he would come back when he was cold.


Elias was so very happy with his birthday dinner and things to keep him warm, and to call home. He asked for the bones of the steaks for Princess and Toby to bring to them.

The man brought him back to his trailer, but does not know if Toby made it back home.

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