Goodbye Faline

Today a dear couple are coming to pick up Faline and her calf. They have a cow/calf operation and also have about 10 milk cows, with only four they are milking right now. They had planned on quitting the raw milk dairy, when his father died this Christmas, so they had scaled down and don’t have any young cows. They then realized that grandma would give up the ghost if she did not have her purpose: raw milk, and providing raw milk to her loyal customers. They have been searching for a Jersey for quite a while. When they retire their cows (their oldest one is 15) they let them live out their days peacefully on the ranch. I think it will be a special place for her, as she is such a dear cow.

So, we feel it is best, though hard, to find a new home for her, while she is producing.

She was born April 13, 2013, and thankfully the milkman was home, as he saved her.


and then he saved me from her mean mama, Elsa, by building a milk stanchion so I could milk her.

Milking Elsa never worked. Everyone was miserable, and all the other cows didn’t like her and pushed her around. Sad.



But Faline has always been a darling.


So now she will find a new home, and have some friends which she missed desperately. Hopefully someday we will have cows again, and some milk… We have not had the best of luck with dairy cows, but we sure do love them so much, and have tried hard. Now that my milkman will be home more, though he is in Holland right now, they might have a better chance.

We have found some Guernsey heifers that if all works out, we will go get in Iowa. He thinks that if we start with heifers, then maybe they will be better acclimated here before they ever calve.

Gert, Becca, Annabelle, Elsa, Eleanor and Faline will always be in our hearts.








Goodbye my friends, I hope you love your new home.


7 thoughts on “Goodbye Faline

  1. Hey…I want to clarify that part about “emotional about cows”… I know how much you loved your special cows and poured your heart and soul into them…I just meant that I am surprised that I could be so emotional about the cows… brings a tear to MY eyes every time I think about your sweet cows… ๐Ÿ™‚ Love you dearly! nh ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Oh my friend, I never took what you said in the wrong way! You know what a crybaby I am, and also know that they are never “just a cow” but so very special. All of the animal friends are to all of us around the world who love them so, as are your dear dog friends. love you, xoxo

  2. Gosh Jamie… I’ve been out of town, just reading this. I never knew we could get so emotional over cows…but Natanielle once told me “they have gentle souls”… ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sure Faline will be really happy. She has had a wonderful life so far… Love you! nh ๐Ÿ™‚

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