Grassroots Support for Katya and Her Father

Ask and ye shall receive. Hopefully.

I am always so grateful for the many incredible connections that life brings our way. We really are a part of a big tapestry, and integral in each other’s lives.

Of course most of you who follow along this journey with us, know of my raison d’etre the reason for getting out of the bed in the morning: raw cream. Oh, I know it is foreign to most humans on this planet, as the majority of bipeds no longer keep family dairy cows, and even those of us who are blessed by them, do not always have the luxury of cream.

Enter raw cream, separated by a cream separator. It is a completely different luxury, and many cow owners do not take the extra step of using a cream separator, thinking that skimming it off the top of the jar is the same thing, it is not I assure you. I love mine!


Having sold our last cow, who is very happy and doing well on her new farm thankfully, who was not a big enough producer to separate cream, we have not had any cream since before dear Eleanor died. Hopefully next spring we will be in cream again, as we go to Iowa tomorrow to pick up two bred Guernsey heifers. 🙂

Perhaps you will consider being a part in a campaign, to help save a small business which provides affordable cream separators, and portable milking machines from the Ukraine. I have known Katya Luniova for a few years and absolutely love the cream separator I bought form her years ago. She has reached out to me concerning help, for her business and her father.


Cancer is an evil monster, and she and her husband have taken the $40,000 capital from their business Slavic Beauty to provide her dad with much needed cancer treatment. A friend of hers suggested that she open up an Indiegogo campaign to help raise funds for their situation. I told her I think it is a great idea and I would love to help. They need some help with preorders of their products, and direct donations for those who are willing, to help restock their warehouse here in the states, as the money they intended for that has gone for her dad’s treatment.

Here is what I am asking.

1. For those blessed enough to have a cow, and you don’t have a cream separator, or portable milking machine (she offers many other products as well) now is the time to purchase one from her, and take advantage of her discounts for this campaign. She will ship it to you before or after Christmas. You will be thrilled! (or maybe you want to purchase one as a present for a friend.)

2. For those who want to just give to her campaign out of your generous spirit, please do! Any amount will help.

3. Please post and share her campaign on your social media sites, and pass it along to those who might also be willing to help. I told Katya I will be in no help in spreading the word for her campaign on social media, as I do not have any of those accounts. You can help! Please share!

It really does feel good to be able to help someone along the difficult parts of their path, as we all know we will reach parts of our own path that seem insurmountable.

thank you for being a part of ours.

These are Katya’s words from her campaign:

Where the Funds Will Go

“We calculated that we would be able to afford the treatment. We also realized it would take a toll on our business in the long run. My friend suggested I do crowdfunding a while ago, but I felt quite shy and uncertain. We invest most of our profit back into our business in order for it to grow and develop. We participate in such shows as World Dairy Expo Madison, WI, ExpoTier (Germany) and others. We constantly look for new products our customers might find interesting. All the medical bills have created a financial shortage. We have a lot of plans and new ideas but not enough funds to fulfill all of them. We could slow down and let the business grow back slowly to where it was before, but this brings the ultimate fear of not being able to afford my father’s future medical treatments should he need any (I hope he will not!).

We have to stock up our warehouses, one in the USA and one in Europe, as the holiday season approaches. We have to make prepayments for the participation in EuroTier, a large expo in Germany, and World Dairy Expo in Madison, WI. Place an advertisement in The Grit magazine, as our promotion campaign. These are the things we usually do but cannot fully afford at this time. We will also donate 5% of all funds we collect to this campaign to Lung Cancer Research Foundation

to help them in their work to fight this horrible disease.”

Risks and Challenges

“There are really no risks to you. We already have a fully functioning business, we just need a boost to keep it going at the same pace. We chose the flexible funding plan, and even if we do not reach out goal, we will still be able to fulfill all the perks in the promised time as all the products are in the warehouse already.”


“Regardless of your decision to participate, we thank you for your attention! Get your cream separator and enjoy fresh cream and butter! Try one of our milkers and see what a difference it makes and how much time it saves! Not ready yet? Just a like or share on Facebook or a tweet or a retweet on Twitter is a great help for us too. Please use the Indiegogo share tools to tell your friends about our campaign!

Thank you! We wish you and your loved ones health and happiness, because this is what everything really comes down to!”

too true, Katya, too true.

3 thoughts on “Grassroots Support for Katya and Her Father

  1. 40 000 dollars for cancer treatment? Wow, just watch Ty Bollinger and or get his series of DVD’s – they will spell it all out, how to cure cancer naturally and cheaply – with smoothies and the RIGHT ingredients – REAL FOOD, herbs and weeds. Google his name. I just bought all his DVD’s containing advice from MANY of unconventional MD and PhDs.

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