Cattle Trading

I suck at it.

Acacia has been sick for several days, and the vet came again yesterday. Hopefully she is on the mend.


The vet confirmed, however, that neither Acacia nor Tipin are bred at all. Lilian was to calf early spring, and at least she is bred, but not to calf until late July. She also turned out to be A1/A2, which is another big disappointment.

Of course the cattle trader won’t return emails or answer his phone.

So we really do not know what to do, as we have no bull, and though there are a few guys around here who do AI, they certainly would not have any Guernsey semen. Time is ticking, as there is about another few months to get them bred so they will calf before the bitter cold of next winter.

Obviously it is a “mystery” why they are not bred, and other “mysteries” as well.

Honestly, we felt as if we were rescuing them when we bought them, being foolish in trusting people, and more foolish in dismissing obvious signs of concern. ugh.

So now I really don’t know what to do. My milkman said he would drive them back to Iowa, but we doubt the trader will take them back.

We had hoped to recoop their costs by selling one or two on the spring, with their calves, being in milk and in good condition.

I seriously doubt we can find any buyers now, and the thought of feeding and housing 3 open dairy cows over the long winter here is not a pleasant one.

3 thoughts on “Cattle Trading

  1. Hi there, I am not sure if all the facts of your cow adventure, but if they had been bred, that long trip you described could have caused them to abort. Again without knowing how far along they were it surely could have happened if they weren’t “settled” for a few months, stress and other factors could have been the culprit or….You were lied to and they were never preggo to begin with. Regardless are you going to test the other girls for the A2 gene? What sort of health issues are you concerned about? Is it something that can be remedied with TLC and feed? If your thinking of breeding within the next 50 days or maybe longer depending on your girls health I know of someone who owns a Guernsey bull in Colorado Springs and I trust her immensely. I have bought cows from her, taken cows to be bred by her Lowline Angus bull and my A2 Jersey cow spent time there with her Jersey bull. If you would like more info contact me and we can brainstorm, I hope this helps in some way.

    • Hi Maurine, Thank you for your thoughts. Our vet palpated them all yesterday, and confirmed that those two have never been bred, and she would have been able to tell if they had been bred and aborted. We also would have been able to tell if they aborted, so that is a non issue. I should have insisted that the owner vet confirm that they were bred, and just trusted his word. Yes, all of them have been confirmed A2/A2, but the test for A1/A2 for Legacy came back the Monday we returned home with them. We knew that was a risk to leave with her unconfirmed. Acacia had been running a fever, from the stress of shipping such a long way, but she is eating well today and much better. The other three are just plain skinny, and are eating machines, eating lots of our free choice mineral, and are doing well. Thank you for the thoughts of the bull, I so appreciate it. I’ll contact you. 🙂

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