Today I went with the man to Paonia, so he could cut out dead wood from very neglected fruit trees before all of their leaves fall off, which would make it hard to tell what was dead until next spring.

No, the trees are not the only things neglected there.



Most of the trees seem to be different varieties of apples, but I think there are some cherry, and maybe plums and pears.


All of the trees had so many branches that were dead, and the man was not afraid, of course. I was.



Ok, this is a huge row of old lilacs. 🙂


It is amazing that we left the farm at below freezing and snow, and this place still has green grass and leaves on the trees (it is only 1.5 hours away.)


“I know, I know.” (put DOWN that camera.)

I was the bobcat driver, lifting him high up into the trees. ugh, scary.

So of course I can’t always see him, and certainly can’t hear him, and can’t see where I am going. He gives me hand signals, but his hand signals change.


Personally, I think that “forward” should consistently mean, go forward. “Up” should consistently mean, up. and hand signals to turn the bucket inward or downward should reflect, in and down, not both wild back and forth motions with his hand.

So, I get frustrated when “forward” changes to “go up” (meaning go forward, not up) and I am not very good at the controls anyway, thinking I am going to kill him in the bucket while he has the chainsaw going.

So my go to, universal finger motion, is my consistent response to his confusing instructions.




He cut out the dead of about 15 trees, but we did not finish before dark.


I think he is amazing.


So we drive home, as the little girl had put up the sheep in the barn with the baby lambs… and confessed that the house was super stinky. Helena and Ajax (livestock dogs) had cornered a skunk (actually I think it was a herd of them). They know how to open the doors of the house and they let themselves in, stinking up the place even more.

When we drove up to the gate we could smell it from inside the truck.

It made me smile, as I love the smell of skunk. My fancy mom would indulge my “wants” when I was a tomboy little girl, and I HAD to have a pet skunk. I tracked a mama skunk, who had several baby skunks following her in line. I tackled the last baby in line, hanging on for dear life as all the babies sprayed me, and the mom sprayed me an extra dose right on my head.

Bathing in tomato juice does not work, fyi.

My dear aunt Marian called my mom’s car the Wedding Cake, and my mom took my baby skunk and I to the vet to get it deodorized, in the Wedding Cake. I’m not really sure what she did to deodorize the Wedding Cake. I did have a great time taking my deodorized pet skunk on walks in the park, especially because people had no idea it was deodorized. 🙂

Needless to say, I have the essential oil diffuser going in the house right now. 😉

4 thoughts on “Neglect

  1. Is this the land he “accidentally” bought at auction? Nice views! Oh man!! seeing him doing that…yep! both of you guys are amazing! 🙂

  2. No, please DON’T put down your camera…I love your pictures! I didn’t realize there was a Wedding Cake car AND a Birthday Cake car! I hope you are writing a book of all these funny stories. xoxoxox

    • Haha! Yes, Marian named that car Uncle Roy bought her the Birthday Cake. My mom’s car was pretty much an embarrassment to practical Marian, so she named it the Wedding Cake. 😉

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