Final Sheep Sorting

Yesterday we had to sort the sheep for the final time this season. Sheep sorting is stressful for all of us, though it has gotten better over the years.

We were supposed to sort on Monday, but it is supposed to snow and storm then, so we had to do it now.

One man was coming from Grand Junction to pick up two ewes, and we asked him to come in the early afternoon at the latest, but he insisted he leave at 7 and get here no later than 9:30. We worked the sheep at about 15 degrees in the morning, and finished in time.

After the apple tree chainsaw massacre, my man was pretty sore, but we tried our best, after one cup of coffee, and lots of cussing. Our sheep sorting pens are not ideal, but better than they used to be.

We rushed and panicked, and got it done by 9:00. The buyer did not show up until 12:30, with his son and 5 grand children who constantly chased the turkeys, non stop.

My man was starving at this point.

We have 11 breeder ewe lambs being picked up this morning by a man from Utah, and they will spend the night on the trailer to keep warm, since they have already been separated. He called at 7am and was to be here at 8:30 or 9, and it is past 11 and he still is not here.

Then on Tuesday we have 4 more wethers going to freezer camp for local clients and on Friday 12 more for a fancy restaurant in Crested Butte.

Then we are done!

Louisa had her lamb yesterday.



Mommy does not like it when anyone picks up her baby, but she is grateful to get to the barn, and hay, with baby under the heat lamp.


The cows wanted to know what she was carrying into the barn.


So today is our 29th anniversary and when the man finally gets here to pick up the sheep, we are going to Paonia for more tree cutting. 😉

11 thoughts on “Final Sheep Sorting

  1. Hi Jamie !
    Uncle James Saunders sent me this page for your blog.
    How beautiful !
    As usual with you and family…
    I will keep a lookout. Those marvellous images and your text remind me of some of my childhood when my mother left Paris with my half-brother and I to “get back to Nature”, as did many freshly graduated young people, in France’s sixties’ decade.
    Much love XXXX
    Joyce etc…

  2. So happy we finally find a way to follow all the good and nice things you are doing up there in the mountains.
    You must be so happy to do those things you love to do, even it is hard working.

    Love from holland

  3. Hope you had a lovely day after all and that the man treated you to a lovely glass of something delicious… happy 29th! xoxo

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