Questions New Milk Cow Owners Ask

Reality? hmmm. I usually feel like I am in a parallel universe.

I am grateful for the life I live, and most grateful for the gift that I can change, even if I never thought change possible. I am most grateful for those whom I share this life with, you.

Nahko Bear says it well:

“I will do things I’ve never done before
‘Cause I’m powerful and I’m not afraid no more!

I feel God in the slightest wind
At the rate I manifest,
Every dream deepens
And I know I never want to stay the same
Yeah I know I never want to stay the same”

I am waxing poetic because there was a question posted this evening on the only social media I am a part of, a milk cow forum. The question was posted by a friend who will be giving a class at her local health food store as an introduction to having a family cow.

She posed these questions: (here is the thread, for those interested in the cow forum)

1. Looking back to your pre-cow life, what would you say are some of the most important things to know about owning a milk cow before deciding to buy a cow?

2. What are some key factors that made you decide to buy a cow and what are some of the best and/or hardest lessons you had to learn?

My answer was this:

“Well, honestly, the fact that life as you know it will be over, completely over.

The first milk cow(s) you buy will be such an unknown, even if you and yours know cows. You will constantly look back to “what I could have, should have done” and you will constantly strive to learn more and more. When you face the death of a milk cow(s) you will be so utterly shaken to the core, that your core will change. You will change so much that you will be able to see life, and death, in a completely different way, and you will be empowered.


When you witness the birth of your new calf, you will be delighted beyond words, and you will find yourself constantly in the barn, drinking in the beauty of their eyes.

When you savor your first drink of fresh colostrum, your first glass of fresh raw milk; make your first butter, kefir, sour cream, cheese… you will be forever ruined. Ruined to the bland, the poisoned, the inferior, the pasteurized and homogenized. Your health and the health of your family will drastically change. Life is good.


You will be so forever changed that you cannot and will no longer participate in the commercial, industrial production of dairy products, now that you know the truth of the torture, pain and suffering of these dear creatures in factory farms.

You are now the caregiver of those who give such life giving milk, that life as you once knew it, is over. You are in love, and there is no going back.”

Of course that is not all, by a long shot.

Words cannot truly describe this relationship with a milk cow… but there is more, much more.

The true magic is with milk cow owners.

Raw milk lovers.

Passionate people who want to go back to the land, and reject things they thought were true, and later found out different.

People who give themselves permission to change:

“I feel God in the slightest wind
At the rate I manifest,
Every dream deepens
And I know I never want to stay the same
Yeah I know I never want to stay the same”

I am most grateful for those of you who ride along with me on my journey of change. I feel you, and hopefully we strengthen each other.

I am most grateful for those who dry my tears, and take my calls and pleas for help when one of my cows is dying, or who rush out here and with one expert jab, find the jugular.

Thank you all for being a part of our lives, and following along this journey of change, whatever it means for your individual lives.

Your life is special, and utterly unique. Only you can fulfill what you were destined to do on this earth, so don’t be afraid to do it, and don’t be discouraged by people or circumstances that seem to get in the way. It is your path, and no one else’s.

I am grateful for you, and I’m grateful we are in this together, cows or not.

12 thoughts on “Questions New Milk Cow Owners Ask

  1. Hi Jamie. Thank you for your wonderful posts. They always make my day and usually come at a time when I need them in my life at that moment. Thanksgiving is coming and I am so thankful for you. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us.

    Love you


    Angie Woods

    Account Executive

    TDG Creative

    803 Stadium Drive, Suite #107

    Arlington, TX 76011

    HUB #57205

    817-343-1919 – Cell

    “A Women Owned Business”

  2. I posted on KAFC last night too as this is a question we often ask ourselves… it is a good exercise! As I have often said, we learn so much about life (often before 7 a.m.!) by sharing our journey with these creatures. But the cream…. well, you taught me how to really appreciate it with that separator!

  3. I am constantly amazed at your life, your photography and your writing. You are truly a gifted person, and I have often wondered how you and Luit ever found your place in the mountains. Such different backgrounds ( I imagine), etc. , and your precious daughter fits right in also. I feel cleansed every time I read one of your Grassfood messages! The beauty of God’s world shines thru your writings as well as the pictures you send.

  4. ❤ ❤ ❤ What I fear most about taking on the responsibility of animal life is the death. I love how you have described the changed perspective you have on life and death as empowerment. As a likely milk cow owner (in the near distant future,) it moves me to hear it worded in such a way. I know that I want that deep and real connection with my food. I know that I want that deep and real connection to the land. I feel the longing for that connection almost physically pulling me like some unseen phantom. But having grown up so disconnected from that life-death-life cycle while having been raised to be so tenderhearted towards animals, I think that facing that death (whether of a dying beloved cow or of a chicken that needs to be culled for dinner) will be one of the hardest things I will ever do. Hearing your words gives me a little bit of courage that I can do it, that through the doing I will change and gain an even deeper realness than I can imagine. Thank you for sharing your life through this wonderful blog!

    • Dear Olive, What you say is so very true, and powerful, and real. I hope to hear all of your cow stories, soon! Having a tender heart, I believe, is central to raising your own animals for food, and you can never let that go. Yes, it is hard, very hard, but I am afraid, dear one, the deaths of animals in your future will really help prepare you for the hardest things you will ever do. People deaths and other tragedies in our lives are excruciating to cope with, and getting back to the land and the life/death cycle of animals will truly help ground you for handling the life cycles we all will face in our lifetimes. Love to you and yours. 🙂

  5. Jamie —

    You can be sure that I too am grateful, grateful that you write and send your Grassfood messages and share your life with all of us who get to read your messages and be awed by all you accomplish.


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