Christmas Cheer

Busy holidays, lots of snow and lambs in the barn.

We hope you all are having fun and adventures with your friends and family.

Dear Francie took some gorgeous Christmas cheer pictures recently at our ladies tea party.

Thank you Francie and to all who made the trek out here.

Much love and gratefulness this season and we wish you all

health, happiness and peace































14 thoughts on “Christmas Cheer

  1. Hello, Your blog is such fun to read and your photos are amazing! I do have a quick question for you about making butter! We are very new to this and we have a cream separator and a churn. We milked this morning, separated the cream from the milk in the cream separator and then put the cream into the butter churn as it was still warm and after 1 1/2 hour still no butter. My question is can you make butter from that fresh of cream?, it was maybe an hour fresh from being in the udder to the churn. Thanks!

    • Dear Kathy, it sounds like you are having fun! I used to help a large raw dairy make butter, and it did take longer than the way I make it at home. First of all, you do need to refrigerate the separated cream for a day or two, or up to a week, straight from the cow it will be very difficult to make butter. At the dairy, we used a large mixer with the paddle attachment, and it took a very long time for some of the thinner cream to turn to butter. The paddle attachment is similar to your hand butter churn, which means it will take a lot of hand churning to make butter. I am always amazed how people did things long ago. I love old fashioned ways, and modern in some, and have found that the whisk attachment on a mixer is the fastest way of making butter. A food processor can be too harsh and will whip some buttermilk back into the butter. So, if you do not have the choice or desire to use a whisk with an electric mixer, then definitely refrigerate the cream for a few days and you will be amazed how much quicker it will churn. Let me know! 🙂

  2. JAMIE, I mean to ask about the stained glass bouquet. It looks so much like the ones George Caulfield did, and I wondered who had made it.

    • Oh yes, Callie, I think it was George’s greatest work, for my dear mom. I remember going to his studio with her as a little girl and marveling at all the glass and his magic workshop. 😉

  3. Jamie — You have added greatly to our joy of the day. A post from you always does. However today is special as this evening we will gather all of my immediate family into our home for Christmas Eve dinner. Each of us will enjoy your message and the festive decorations in the photographs.


  4. Truly amazing pictures. I felt more peaceful just looking at them! Do hope all of you (friends and all) have a wonderful and blessed Christmas, and a very happy and healthful 2016. Love to all.

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