I Am Not a Lumberjack

but the man wanted me to be. He is a real lumberjack and yes, all you Monte Python fans, that song is stuck in your head now as well. 😉

Our stack of wood from last year is getting frighteningly small. The man usually gets wood after we hay in the summer, and I go along as the panic person, but contribute no real work but water and snacks, and bandages…

We did not go this year, as now that he is home full time, we can go any-old-time. hmmmm.

Now that there has been deep snow on the ground, and -30 and below temps at night, there was nothing I dreaded more than being out of wood (our only source of heat) and having to drive the tractor, trailer, excavator… up in the mountains to help him get trees. no.

So I begged him to keep calling a trucker who has been hauling dead beetle-kill wood, to deliver us a load.

He came today. whew!



Luit asked him to get out to access the driveway, and thought he should back in. The trucker was tired and irritated and did not want to get out, so he pulls in, and gets stuck.

He is really irritated now, as he has to put on snow chains on his tires.



I had to go inside


because this was in the oven


and now he is going to unload it






and then he was going to pick up the back end and fold it up so it would ride home easier.






amazing. and so grateful.


the lumberjack could not wait to start bringing them down and cutting them up.


2 thoughts on “I Am Not a Lumberjack

  1. I’m so glad that your wood is there. That’s quite a load ! Now for cutting and splitting .
    But I’m more interested in that Bread ; )
    Now that looked like a fine piece of work sister. Is it sour dough or just regular?
    Care to share your recipe or is it a family secret 🙂
    Hope you can now rest easy…. You have plenty of winter wood in.
    Renee . Ava, MO

    • Ha! I have been perfecting the bread, and think I have it down now. It is your amazing Pioneer sourdough starter, which is wonderful, thank you. I’ll post the recipe soon. 🙂

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