Saag and the Man

The man loves saag. Allan’s brother was visiting from Africa, from the Milking on the Other Side of the World beauty, and they came out last night for dinner. I messed up the saag by putting too many spices in it, but this is how to make it nonetheless, for a double batch.

Saute two onions and one head of garlic, and add indian five spice. I added too much.


Our grocery store in town carries these one pound sizes of fresh baby greens, triple washed and organic, at a great price. It is super handy, really good, and I have been using them for green kefir smoothies as well.


Saute the greens in coconut oil or butter, quickly. This was one pound, and I used two.


Process everything in the food processor, and add kefir or yogurt. I added kefir cheese, which is just drained kefir so it is thicker like greek yogurt.


Big spoon of fresh, fermented ginger


and two teaspoons ground cumin, herb salt, hungarian paprika, and a dried mild chile powder, this one was from farmers market negra mole peppers I dried this summer.



Then I tasted it and added more cumin and thought it needed another kick, so I added a teaspoon of a little hotter chile powder. It was not too hot in the end, but I should not have added so much.


The last time I made saag, I had some left over oatmeal from breakfast and added that to stretch it, because the man can eat a whole batch in one sitting, and little girl loves it too. You could not tell that there was oatmeal or grain in it, and it made it more dense and really good. I did not have any oatmeal handy for this time, but I think it is better with it.

Process everything one more time, and I don’t always add an egg, but did this time.


Put in oven proof dishes


and put parmesan cheese on top. I don’t always do this, and sometimes I mix the parmesan cheese in the mixture.


You can do this way ahead of time, even the day before, and then put in 350 degrees until hot and brown on top.

Allan and the man went to put the sheep up while Francie and I put dinner on, and he took this beautiful picture of the man. Thank you Allan! You are the greatest.


Natanielle and I are so excited that Allan is teaching a 5 week photography course that we are going to take! There are a few more spots in his course, which is every Tuesday for 5 weeks beginning Feb 16th.

This is what it includes:

Allan Ivy will be teaching a beginner/intermediate course on Digital Photography at the Open Your Eyes Gallery starting on 16th February for 5 weeks through the 16th March 2016. We will meet at Open Your Eyes Gallery at 6pm every Tuesday for a two hour class. You will be expected to complete an assignment every week that will take roughly 3 hours on your own.

Date: 2/16/2016 – 3/16/2016
Day: Tuesday
Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Location: Open Your Eyes Gallery 229N Main Street, Gunnison Colorado
Cost: $150 due on registration.
Sign-up: at the Open Your Eyes Gallery or Call us on (970) 707-5021
Required: Personal camera.
Optional: Personal laptop.
Cancellation policy: we require a notice of 7 full days before the start of the course in order to refund your payment, less a 15% cancellation fee for processing.

Discover the art of seeing and being able to capture a photograph the way you saw it. During these workshops you will get the chance to reconnect with photography, explore photography, learn to listen to your inner voice, explore your creativity, and most importantly, take time to photograph.

You will learn photo visualization, composition, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and camera techniques. There will be a class about digital workflow including importing and cataloging photos, developing photos, slideshows, and web presentations using Adobe LightRoom. Printing, presentation, and framing techniques will be covered on the last day. Throughout the course, we will focus on motivation, new technical skills and constructive feedback.
We have limited space so you need to sign up early. Please note that payment must be paid in full when you sign-up.

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