Beauty Should Be Shared

As many of you know, Nonny and I are taking a photography class from Allan Ivy, and are enjoying every minute. In doing so, we have actually joined Facebook to be a part of the photography group.

If you all are on Facebook, I highly suggest that you follow Allan Ivy Photography as this amazing photograph that he took at 4 this morning was just posted.

I think beauty should be shared. This is the photo

The snow is beginning to melt and the animals are getting stir crazy for grass to grow. The man has been in Holland for the past couple of weeks and won’t get home till next week.

I have been madly working on a new website called Raw Milkers and hopefully will have it up and running soon. I hope for it to be a collaboration from many “raw milkers” and a place for great information and advice on raw milk, milking techniques, real food recipes, cow care, buying and selling milk cows…

We also will have farm photographs, cards… and other things for sale.

The jury is still out if I can pull this off, wish me luck. 🙂

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