Equal Work?

I had no idea that International Women’s Day even existed, but now I’m on Facebook I know a lot of things.

I’m not feeling it though. Ok, before you get your thong in a wad, I know there are women around the world that are mistreated and worse. But I just don’t buy in to the sentiment that men and women are equal, and can do all things equally well.

News flash. Men are stronger than women. (Ok, not all men and not all women, but basically it is true.)

Women have our strengths of course, as do men, and I think those strengths should be celebrated, not vilified if based on gender.

For one thing, my man has been gone almost three weeks, and I am definitely no equal.

I can’t lift these things to shove in the wood burner, I can’t start or use the chain saw, and definitely can’t start the excavator to go get more wood.


These are mountains of sh*t, which I have to pile up with the fork. When he gets back he will start the bobcat and scrape away the piles. I can’t do that.


The cows are almost out of hay. The sheep are out of hay, and I cannot move the big round bales, so I have to feed them with dragging square bales out of the trailer.


The man will be home this evening, thank God, as I have lost all control, even the dogs are in the house.

I’m content making him a loaf of sourdough, and leave the piles to him.

Voting for someone JUST because they are a woman? sheesh!

5 thoughts on “Equal Work?

  1. The inequality comes into the picture when a man and a woman are capable of doing the same work, and do such same work, yet the man inevitably gets paid more. Unfortunately, many women are faced with this reality every day in our country, the greatest in the world (ha!), and more women are discriminated against because of their gender – passed over for promotions, banging their heads on glass ceilings, told to get the coffee, etc. Many people STILL think that women should be home as the tenders of the hearth – but I want that to be a choice for women, NOT the path that is forced upon them. You want to be a stay-at-home mom? great! You want to be a scientist? great! You want to be a professional world-class athlete? great! CHOICE is the important difference.

    There is a clear delineation of physical labor between the sexes, especially on farms and ranches, because men are often stronger, this is true. But to be relegated to washing clothes and cleaning house all day because of this? No thanks! Teach me (and my daughters) how to use the backhoe first!

    Women make up 1/2 of the world’s population yet look at who is making the political, economic, and military choices that define our lives? WHY??? Because women sit back and let them, that’s why. HC might not be a great choice for president, but at least we have her as an option – and THAT choice is a good thing.

    All that said, I am relieved for you that Luit will be back safe and sound tonight…. 🙂

  2. Jamie E — So often, as today, you are the biggest smile in my day, and I always have some pretty good smiles. We all look forward to seeing you soon.

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