Happy Mother’s Day

I have so much to be thankful for on this day, mostly for the privilege of having a treasured daughter,


and a husband that treats us and our dear animals with patience and kindness, even when we do not deserve it.

Cebolla Luit

This sign from long ago that used to hang in many dairies is one to be pondered and remembered when dealing with dear cows and all animals in our care, but also for our own children, parents, friends and strangers, even for ourselves.


For cows truly are the foster mothers of us all, and the dearest of the dear in mothering their own, and generously giving the extra for our pleasure.


I am so grateful to my dear mother and mother in law, and all of the other mothers in my life that have taught me so much.



The dearest cows in my life have also taught me much, even more about deep and hard things, and they are greatly missed.



It has been a long time since we have milked, but that hiatus will soon be over. Lillian is closer to calving than we thought. yay!

I loved this video from Thailand on Mother’s day and thought you might like it too.

8 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Good grief!! How did I miss this post??????? I always think of you on Mother’s day as I know how especially wonderful and special this day is to you. You are my very dearest friend and I love that little girl just like she was my own!! Of course, there is no man like your man!!! Fantastic! You ALL are so very dear to me. Oh that video…so sweet and, of course, I cried along with it but I am so thankful that Kandis and I had a long and luxurious dinner (at that Italian restaurant) on the Saturday night before Mother’s day. Then, on Sunday I went to Clifton to visit my 95 year old Mother. All of the siblings were there for once…all together…and she was so happy! You are such a good Mother Jamie… Love you soooo much! Neeno :):)

    • You are the dearest to us all. I also cried and cried each time I watched that video! I thought it was so dear. So wonderful about your mom. We hope to see you soon. xoxo

    • Happy Mother’s Day to you Francie. You are such an inspiration and encouragement to me as a wife and mother (and friend.) I am so grateful for your love and friendship.

  2. Sweetheart– So So beautiful–

    Sending you and Luit and precious Natanielle, buckets and overflowing buckets of LOVE.

    And greatest appreciation for all of your assistance to me and my boys–

    Blessings today on this Mother’s Day– please know how much you are respected and loved by your sister!!!


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