Ginger Snaps for Jamey

Ok, Dear Uncle Jamey, these ginger snaps are not really for you, but since ginger snaps were daddy’s favorite thing besides fresh popcorn, it made me think of you. I will certainly try and perfect them, and then make you some to send you. 🙂

My gingerbread girl is gone for a month on an unschool retreat and the dutchman is also gone, so I thought to try and see if I can make these better, while I fret over the cow and her twins. Lillian is doing much better, recovering from her metritis uterine infection, and the calves are darling. She gave me almost two gallons of rich milk this morning, twins on 24/7, resulting in a pint and a half of separated cream. heaven.

calves 2


so this is the recipe for the ginger snaps

6 oz butter
cream in mixer with 1/2 cup sugar
add one tsp baking soda to 1 tbls kefir and mix well, add to mixture
add 3/4 cup molasses
add 2.5 cups flour
2 heaping tablespoons ground ginger
2 heaping teaspoons ground cloves
2 heaping teaspoons ground cinnamon
1 heaping tablespoon fresh (fermented) ginger (I always have this made in the fridge.)
1 tbls raw apple cider vinegar (mine is infused with fresh rose hips)
1/2 teaspoon real salt

Mix all of this well in a mixer.

Pour out on parchment paper, and cut in half. Put the extra half in the fridge for another day, or the freezer.



Roll into an even log with the parchment paper, and refrigerate until firm.



Slice thin and put on silpat, or a buttered cookie sheet, and put in preheated oven 375 degrees, for 7 minutes.

Next time I will flatten them out a bit more.



4 thoughts on “Ginger Snaps for Jamey

  1. Fabulous! Do the twins have names? How about Ginger and Snap? 😉 Ok, I know it doesn’t go with the family names, but they conjure up good memories. xoxox, Amy

    • Those are great names! certainly family names, as far as my ginger snap eatin Dad would have been concerned. People never tag me on the “post your favorite pictures of your pets, on Facebook, as being such a great pet owner. Most people know, that we EAT most of our pets. hmmm. But they have the greatest life.

      I have not named them yet, as my ginger-bread girl is gone for a month, and a great namer, and also I have not found out yet if the little heifer is a free-martin or not. The vet came last week to draw blood from her, but forgot to put it in a vial with an anticoagulant, so she is supposed to come back this week to draw blood again (and to doctor dear Lillian who is not 100% yet.) So I guess I wait to see if her name will be a forever name (if she is fertile and not a free-martin) or a t-bone name. Reality bites. 😉

  2. Unbelievably good even from this impossible distance. I can just smell on the edges of my senses what the melange of spices does to a kitchen and those close enough to savour such perfume.

    Love love headed your way. Mel

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