Louisa had triplets on May 11th, during the bitterly cold night, and they were premature. Two were born dead and tiny Alfalfa was a fighter. He had no teeth and his eyes were not fully developed, and he could barely walk and certainly could not nurse by himself. For over a week I would tie Louisa up a few times a day, or the man would hold her, and make little Alfalfa nurse, but he was so weak. Finally with not enough nursing, Louisa’s milk dried up and she was getting sick of him.

So now I have a bottle baby. Thankfully we have fresh, raw milk from Lillian, as we have never had success keeping a lamb alive with powdered milk replacer. He is doing great. He states in the barn under a heat lamp at night and in the day he goes in the turkey coop, so he does not get into trouble, or comes out to walk and play with us.

Since my naming girl has been gone for two weeks and won’t even see him for two more weeks, I had to name him, and chose Alfalfa, as his hairdo looks like the opposite of Alfalfa from The Little Rascals.


It’s hard to get a good picture when he is jumping all over you. He certainly does have sharp teeth now.


Learning to drink water from irrigation.


He has some good teachers, as all the other sheep have been moved away to summer grazing.




You definitely have to watch where you are stepping.





“I know you are hiding a bottle somewhere.”



Here is the little man in action. (I hope the video works.)

TaTa for now.


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