Sunshine Salutation Salad

My neighbor Georgia told me about an extraordinary juice bar inside a bike shop in Paonia, CO called “Remedy. Cold-Pressed Organic Juices. we got a cure for what ails you.” Here is the Remedy Facebook page.

Amazing, truly creative.

I have tried two of their juices, and they have many more, but both of the ones I tried have turmeric in them, and I have been craving that.

My favorite is called Sun Salutation and it is sweet and burns your throat at the same time, which is what I love. (Sun Salutation Juice: carrots, oranges, turmeric, black pepper oil, cayenne and lemon, yum!)


The glass jars the juice comes in are very cool, and you get a deposit on them when you bring them back. If I was rich (or had a juicer) I would drink this everyday, but it is worth it every once in a while.

So I decided to try and make a salad that would give me the same flavor. Another reason is that I have read that raw carrots help with thyroid and estrogen issues, and here is a good article by Dr. Ray Peat on that:

Dr. Peat says:

“…The fact that an extremely large number of naturally occurring compounds, and an unlimited number of synthetic compounds, have an estrogen-like activity has been exploited by the drug companies to produce patented proprietary drugs, especially the contraceptives.

The promotion of “natural estrogens” is a new marketing strategy that capitalizes on the immense promotional investment of the drug companies in the concept of estrogen replacement as “therapy.”

“…Our diets provide very significant, if not always dangerous, amounts of estrogen. “Weak estrogens” generally have the full range of harmful estrogenic effects, and often have additional toxic effects. American women who eat soy products undergo changes that appear to predispose them to cancer, making their tissues even more unlike those of the relatively breast-cancer resistant Japanese than they were before eating the soy foods.

People under stress, or who have a thyroid deficiency, or who don’t eat enough protein, typically have elevated estrogen levels. The accumulation of the “essential fatty acids,” the polyunsaturated oils, in the tissues promotes the action of estrogen in a variety of ways, and this effect of diet tends to be cumulative, and to be self-accelerating…”

To make the salad.

Shred about 8 to 10 carrots in the food processor, and cut up the sections of two oranges.


For the dressing I melted about 3/4 cup of coconut oil.

Peel one small head of garlic (you don’t have to use this much, but I love garlic, and this was a very fresh one, still pretty mild.) Process in food processor.

Take the white off of an orange and seeds out, then process it in the processor. If there are big chunks of membrane you can discard that. Get a spatula and pour the orange pulpy juice and garlic into another container and try and get all the liquid out. You don’t have to wash the processor though.

Turn processor on add a fresh egg and slowly pour in the warm coconut oil. It will make a thick emulsion like mayonnaise. Pour back in the garlic orange juice. Preserving fresh turmeric and ginger, to have on hand all year long, is one of the favorite things I make. This is how I do that. I added two big spoonfuls of my turmeric/ginger, but you could use powdered turmeric and ginger if you like that as well.

Add lots of freshly ground pepper and cayenne. (another favorite thing I have on hand, many different chile powders I dehydrate and make once a year. Easy.)

Add good salt of your choice. I added my Spruce salt.


Pour the dressing over the salad and mix well.


Sunshine in a salad.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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