I Need Your Ideas for Our Daughter’s Higher Education

I know it is embarrasing to have your mother online talking about you, and asking friends/readers for help, but hey, I’m your mom!

I do have a request for you, dear reader, if there might be an idea/thought/experience… you might have that can steer us in the right direction.

Our dear daughter, Natanielle, whom you have read about on grassfood from time to time if you follow my blog, turns 18 this summer. She has been over-the-moon excited to have been accepted at The Woolman Semester School this coming fall in California, which teaches environmental science, global thinking, peace studies… They are located on a farm where they grow, harvest, process and eat the fruits of their labor. A perfect gap year semester program to help her find her way in different areas she is interested in.


Alas, we find out last night, the school has cancelled the upcoming school year due to emergencies beyond their control, sniff.

My question to friends far and wide: Do you know of a program, gap semester/year, college, or anything of a good learning experience that we could investigate? It could be in the US or abroad.

Any thoughts, ideas, leads would be most appreciated, even if it might be of use to her down the road.

Besides being interested in the real food/culinary, agriculture and environmental movements, she also loves writing, photography, cinematography, art and of course other cultures.

Please email me (Jamie) with any thoughts or ideas, and thank you so much! Feel free to pass this on to others who might know just the place!



photo by Francie Ivy

photo by Francie Ivy

7 thoughts on “I Need Your Ideas for Our Daughter’s Higher Education

    • Dear Kay, Thank you so much for thinking of her. She is in a wonderful gap year program right now, called UnCollege, but we are not sure of the next steps. We will look into this college, and thank you. 🙂

  1. Unfortunately the only one I can think of around here at Sir Sanford Fleming College is open to graduates, another sort of gap year after one’s studies. I will ask around though and see if there are others for her level.

  2. I wish I knew more about the school she wants, but I just don’t ; however, she is so beautiful, bright and capable in so many areas, surely something will emerge that will fit her talents. We will pray for that!

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