Grassfood Recipe Page

I have finally finished making this page which has all of the recipes in one place, for those who have requested this, so we won’t have to search all through the posts to find something. This page will always be available at the top of the homepage under the tab “Recipes”, and I will try and keep it updated. It made me laugh to see some of these old posts, as over time some of my techniques and recipes have changed, and there is so much I have not posted about yet. Haha!, hopefully this fall I will make time to finish my cookbook: grassfood., as I’m never sure when my internet will be down and I can’t remember something.


Probiotic Beverages

Probiotic Superfood Smoothie
Meadow Mint Beet Kvaas
Beet Kvaas and an Updated Version


Body care

Calendula Oil
Mutton Tallow Face Salve
Quick Tallow Salve
Beef Tallow Salve


Breads, Tarts, Pies

Make Your Own Pie Crust
Pasta, Please, Pasta
Mango Tarts
Tiny Tortilla Flatbreads
Kleine Perzik Taartjes
Tiny Pies and Tarts
Poffertjes, Dutch Babies, Yorkshire Pudding
Tallow Pie Crust and Dutch Apple Pie
Irish Scones
Peach Kombucha Sourdough Bread
Making a Sourdough Starter from Scratch and Making Sourdough Bread


Condiments, Sauces, Pestos, Hummus

Putting Up Paste Tomatoes
Sweet Fire
Lacto Fermented Honey Jalapeñoes
Wild Raspberry Fire
Blue Grape and Black Tomato Fermented Salsa
Fermented Pickle Relish
Peach Fire
Spruce and Pine Tips
Visualize Whirled Peas
Maror: A Punch In the Nose
Master Tonic Revisited – Preserving Fresh Turmeric and Ginger
Raw Asparagus Pesto Hummus
Rosemary Ranch Dressing
How to Fix a Broken Mayonnaise
Rose Geranium Flavors
Peach Hatch Green Chile Salsa
Thyme Cream Aoli Sauce / Dressing
Fermented Green Chile Salsa
Cilantro White Bean Dip Spread
Almond Coconut Oil Butter
Master Tonic
Spiced Nuts
Maror – Bitter Sweet
Aoli – Garlic Breath
Peach Fermented Salsa


Cow Care
Udder Balm – Annabalm and How To Milk and Dry Up a Cow
Annabelle’s Fly and Mosquito Spray


Raw Dairy

Colostrum Ice Cream
Wild Rose Petal Raw Butter
Separating Liquid Gold Part 2- Operating the Cream Separator
Separating Liquid Gold Part 1 – Assembling the Cream Separator
Red Chile Cheese
Rosemary Farmers Cheese
Plastic and Raw Milk
Why I Left Civilization to Milk My Own Cow and How I Whip Raw Cream
Kefir, the Worst Part is the Pronunciation
Raw Butter 101
Feta Cheese Part 2
Feta Cheese Part 1
Colostrum Butter


Grass-fed, Pastured Meat

Tantalizing Tallow to Eat and Wear
Roasted Bone Broth
What Type of Beef Fat Do I Have? Rendering Tallow
Liver Mousse / Pate: Tell ’em It’s Cat Food

Bison, Deer, Elk, Horse, Moose
Horse Meat at the Horse Milk Farm
Bison Boerewoers and Country Pate

Francie’s Fabulous Fermented Fish
Fresh Trout

Country Lamb Pate
Caul Fat
Lard, Suet, Tallow, Leaf Lard, Back Fat, Caul Fat, Kidney Fat…
Making Room in the Freezer – Tanning Lamb Hides
Cast Iron Lamb Chops and Thyme Cream Aoli Sauce
Easiest Lamb Meatballs
Gyros? Kofte? Well, They Are Darn Good Meat Squares

Brining Ham
Cold Smoking Bacon
Brining Bacon
Praise The Lard!
Breakfast Sausage from Pastured Pork

Peeling Duck Feet
Have You Eaten the Silkies Yet?
Brining Marbled Eggs
Extra Drakes are For Eating, Especially With Bacon
Hard To Peel Eggs
Gizzards. “I bet they’re going to be gross.”
Broth is Beautiful, Chicken Feet Are Not


Preserving and canning

Dehydrating Everything

Ginger Asian Pear Infused Vodka
Putting Up Paste Tomatoes
Freezing Apples for Apple Pie
Making Pink Applesauce
Freezing Paste Tomatoes
Apple Pear Sauce
Heavenly Apricot Sauce

Preserving Herbs Part 2 – Fresh Basil in Olive Oil
Preserving the Vitamin C in Rosehips
Methods of Preserving Herbs: Apple Cider Vinegar Part 1
Summer in the Dead of Winter – Fresh Basil in Olive Oil to Freeze
Preserving Sage in Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar


Savory Super Probiotic Sauerkraut
On-Hand Kimchee
Master Tonic Revisited – Preserving Fresh Turmeric and Ginger
Chunky Cordito
Roasting Green Chile Peppers
Preserving Liquid Fire
Sick of Sauerkraut? Make Cordito or Kimchee


Salads and Vegetables

Fast Food Grassfood
Salad in a Jar To Go
Master Tonic Mexican Kale Chips
Seriously Good Squash
Sweet and Savory Coleslaw

2 thoughts on “Grassfood Recipe Page

  1. Hi Jaime!

    The kimchi looks awesome! Jinouk is making a batch herself this afternoon-a style with fresh peppers from the garden instead of dried chili powder. Apparently it’s a variation her mom used to make sometimes.

    As promised, here are my guidelines for pickled chard stems. I cut the leafy part from the stems and eat it up or freeze it (it freezes really well), then slice the stems to lengths about two inches shorter than my intended crock/container(s). My go-to brine is 1/2 cup salt in one gallon of water, but chard is so naturally salty that I cut it back to 1/3 cup salt per gallon. I pack the chard in with sliced ginger and garlic (a lot of each b/c both are much milder here in Korea) and then whatever else is abundant in the garden at the time: dill, cumin, oregano, thyme, just the standards. I’ve never tried ‘sweet’ spices. What I don’t add is turmeric or chili powder or anything else that would affect the color. The crystal ruby color the brine takes on is just too beautiful to mask.
    I cover the stems with brine and leave them out on the kitchen counter where it’s usually around 70-75 degrees. Three or four days of fermentation is generally enough, but I personally like to leave them for a week to really sour up before throwing them in the fridge. They don’t usually last too long due to getting eaten up, but I found a surprise jar in the back of the fridge left over from last May; it’s still nice and crunchy good.

    Can’t wait to get my fall garden started and get another batch in. I better go work on that now!

    Greetings from Jeju,

    • Dear Bill, I am happy to know that you all are safely back in Korea. Thank you for the chard recipe, and I will definitely be making some this week! Hugs to Jinouk and Hina. xoxo

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